Update on Hall & X-Pac Returning to TNA, Major TNA Ring Changes?

Source: PWInsider

– In an update on the earlier story about Scott Hall and Sean Waltman returning to TNA, the former X-Pac has been telling friends in Mexico that he’s heading back to TNA for the January 4th live iMPACT special. Waltman was also claiming that Scott Hall is coming in with him.

– There has been a lot of talk within TNA about getting rid of the six-sided ring. Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have been pushing for a more traditional pro wrestling ring. There is also said to be some other big set changes in the works for TNA in preparation for the January 4th special.

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  • sat

    Abolishing the six sided wring? hogan must be crazy. i remember the first thing that i noticed with tna was “wtf, a six sided ring?” and that interested me, and then i kept watching, and saw the amazing talent on tna. The one thing that really struck me is that they were different, and that they dared to be different. Now hogan wants to change everything just to compete against wwe. hope tna doesn’t lose its identity, because then i may just give up on it entirely.

  • Machofan80

    X-Pac and Scott Hall?! All they need now is Randy Savage,Roddy Piper and Jeff Hardy to make TNA the #1 Wrestling show in the world.Just Randy would be cool with me.

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