Second Generation Diva Getting WWE Tryout, DDP Wrestling and More

Partial source: Wrestling Observer

– Former WCW stars Diamond Dallas Page and Air Paris will be teaming together at the Purks International Championship Wrestling show on January 2nd, 2010 in Cedartown, Georgia. This will be DDP’s first match in some time.

– ESPN writer Bill “The Sports Guy” Simmons ripped pro wrestling in his most recent column. Here’s what he wrote:

“If you think football is bad, check out pro wrestling. It might not be a real “sport,” but it combines every bad thing about every other sport. Steroids, painkillers and PEDs? Hell, yeah. Repeated concussions from chair shots? Absolutely. A union that doesn’t look out for its members? There is no wrestling union, so I’m going to say yes. Fixed outcomes and shady referees? You betcha. Athletes getting paralyzed or dropping dead? And then some. (Google “dead wrestlers” sometime. Your eyes will pop out of their sockets.) The “sport” is a disgrace. They eat these guys up and spit them out. My friend Sal is friends with Roddy Piper and happened to be eating dinner with him the night Umaga, a WWE wrestler, died. When Roddy heard the news, he just started crying. His attitude was, “Another one … and there’s going to be more … and nobody cares …”

– Sarona Snuka, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Snuka, is set to receive a WWE tryout before the SmackDown tapings in Orlando today. You may remember Sarona from photos of The Rock a few months back. The Rock showed up at a WXW indy event to support Sarona in her debut.

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  • Randal

    I did just type in dead wrestlers on google. So many deaths, too young. It’s so sad, some would have been natural but a huge number of them were under 50 and it’s so sad. Umaga was the next casulty and it’s sad, so sad.

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