iMPACT Rating for This Week, Borash Talks 1/4 TNA Rating, More

Partial source: Wrestling Observer

– Dan from sent the following: As noted before, TNA personality Lauren is leaving the company. She wrote the following on her Twitter: “Truly going to miss the wrestling fans and my fam @ TNA, but time to focus on my 2 Golf Channel Shows! Keep a lookout!”

– Arda Ocal sent word that Jeremy Borash appeared on Sirius’ The Fight Show and regarding the iMPACT rating for TNA’s January 4th special, said, “An irrelevant fact… the fact that everywhere I go fans are talking about it and excited to see it is a victory.”

– This past Thursday’s episode of TNA iMPACT scored a 1.0 rating, rounded up from a .99. The Colts vs. Jaguara game on the NFL Network on Thursday scored an 8.0.

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