More on Ric Flair Debuting in TNA, Hulk Hogan Wrestling in TNA, More

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– TNA has canceled their live events planned for Calgary, Alberta, Canada and Lethbridge, Alberta Canada during WrestleMania 26 weekend. A staff member at one of the buildings told Devin Cutting that it was TNA’s decision to pull the shows. No word yet if TNA will try to have a presence in Arizona during WrestleMania 26 weekend.

– The analogy given by one source for Hulk Hogan as a wrestler in TNA is to be like the 1980’s version of Bill Watts, where maybe once a year he gets pushed too far and comes back for a big match.

– Word is that Ric Flair and TNA are close to agreeing on the money side of a contract. Sources say that Flair wants a guaranteed contract with Panda Energy instead of TNA, so he gets paid even if TNA goes under.

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