Edge Speaks on His WWE Return, Umaga’s Death, Sheamus and More

Source: PWInsider.com, Terri Bey

– Edge appeared on the Bubba the Love Sponge show this morning. Here are some highlights:

* He mentioned he was in the North Carolina mountains in new property he has there. He said he didn’t mind sitting out and getting paid.

* His WWE deal ended in October but they added on injury time and said however long it takes to recover, that much time will be added to his deal.

* He said he’s went to Dr. James Andrews for follow-ups to the injury and is doing some major therapy in North Carolina with other therapy sessions in Florida.

* Edge said Christian and Shelton Benjamin had the best match at WWE’s TLC but he also enjoyed the main event.

* He put over Sheamus. He also put over FCW and talked about Ted DiBiase and Drew McIntyre coming out of FCW.

* Edge said Umaga’s death hit him hard as they were close. Umaga called Edge the night before he died but he said he didn’t even think to keep the message.

* Edge put over The Undertaker and said he has no idea how he performs so well. Edge said they have always been on good terms.

* He has no idea when he will return. He was originally told six months to a year. He has to see Andrews and then get in a wrestling ring to see how everything holds up. He said he’s hoping for the first quarter of 2010.

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  • Lillian Santana

    Great interview but Edge is wrong . The best match was Jeri-Show and Dx .The only thing I hated about it was Dx won that sucks .

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