Preview and DVD Cover for WWE’s Upcoming Best of RAW 2009 DVD

– As noted before, WWE will be releasing a RAW: Best of 2009 DVD on January 26th, 2010. It will be a three-disc set with a run-time of 540 minutes. Below is the official synopsis and DVD cover for the new release:

“Every Monday night, fans know there’s only one destination for the biggest superstars and best moments in sports entertainment—Monday Night Raw! The Superstars of WWE deliver new and exciting content year round—no repeats. Now for the first time ever on DVD, the best highlights and matches from the 100+ hours of Raw are collected into a single DVD set, Raw: The 2009 Season.”




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  • xXMilleniumRushXx

    i want a best of smackdown 2009!!!!

  • xXMilleniumRushXx

    not raw!! =[

  • Randal

    Jesus what will they have on this dvd. No cool John Morrison vs Rey, Punk, Edge and Dolph. No Rey vs Jericho. No Punk vs Hardy. Instead we get HHH vs Orton (Yay), Orton vs Cena (Double Yay), Orton vs Batista (F**k yeah) and of course the greatest Raw rivalry of all time Chavo vs Hornswoggle (oh f**k yeah, that’s what i’m most looking forward to) guess how serious I am, go on guess? Oh and don’t forget all the young talent being buried like Legacy, Miz, Swagger, Bourne, Primo, Carlito and Kendrick. Oh yeah DVD of the year I can’t wait.

  • Randal

    And also just forgot to mention Shaemus’s big win. Christ i’d be as be that pale too if I had to stay inside all day kissing HHH, HBK and Vince’s arse’s. God man must not have seen light all year. I first saw that man at the Auckland, New Zealand Raw show this year and I swear no one had any f**king clue who he was. Just Sayin.

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