WWE Errors at TLC, Tonight’s Big Slammy RAW, Superstars Beats ECW

Partial source: PWInsider.com

– Mike sent the following: I caught several errors during the color at WWE TLC. For one, they said that the last time a WWE Champion was born outside the US was Yokozuna but they seem to have forgot guys like Edge or Bret Hart. Another was when Striker said it’s been decades since the IC belt changed hands in Texas but it just changed hands at Wrestlemania 25 when Rey Mysterio beat JBL among other times.

– This past Thursday’s episode of WWE Superstars on WGN America scored an 0.9 rating with the replay doing an 0.15. The first showing actually did better numbers than ECW this week.

– Tonight’s three-hour edition of RAW with the Slammy Awards will air at 8PM EST from the American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Texas with Dennis Miller as the special guest host. Talent from all three brands will be at RAW tonight.

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  • rko18

    i also caught king say wwf then corrected himself by saying wwe.

  • Kyle

    I always spotted two botches, one Sheamus was meant to fall through a table on the outside when Cena fell through the table and it was meant to be a draw, but it messed up. I also saw Jericho miss a table at the end of the TLC match.

  • dave

    did ya also notice when batista was having a go at teddy long there was a hogan dvd poster on the wall thought vince was not happy with hogan going to tna but yet he still had the poster up

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