New Theme for Edge?, WWE Releases in 2010, Recent WWE Tryouts

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– More tryouts at WWE’s developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling were recently completed. ROH star Rhett Titus was one of the talents taking part. No word yet if anyone was offered a developmental contract.

– It’s rumored that Edge will have a new theme song when he makes his WWE return.

– Word is that WWE will be releasing several talents from the main roster come early 2010 to go along with the ECW and SmackDown brand changes.

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  • Randal

    For the love of god release Jimmy Wang Yang, Kung Fu Naki and Slam Master J. Yang is a talented guy and either give him a makeover or release him so he can go back to TNA or ROH and do something meaningful. Funaki is useless and hasen’t done anything in ages and Jesse wasn’t much to begin with and hasen’t done anything real important. So you beat Charlie Haas (another talented guy who should be released so he can go do something meaningful in TNA), big deal so has pretty much everyone on Smackdown. I find it hard to believe how those guys make it through a week with job and have found it hard to believe for ages. Also release Drew Mcintyre, he’s so boring.

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