Site News: NEW Feature-Rich WWE News Page

Ladies and Gentlemen,

To correspond with the launch of the new design, I wanted to roll out more upgrades to the site. We started off by adding a comments archive, where you are able to check the last 50 comments on a single page and can easily jump to those comments in order to respond.

My next feature is a completely overhauled WWE News section. Instead of having a plain page with links to the news articles, there are two new killer sections. The first section will link to the latest results for all of WWE’s TV shows. There are also links to access the results archives for each show.

The next section is my favorite. I displayed the latest news article for WWE’s top superstars, so you can easily access the latest news on a particular Superstar instead of having to try to find it in the newsboard when for example, you just want the last piece of news on the Undertaker.  There is also links below each news articles to that wrestler’s news archive.

The standard news board, of course, is displayed below these two new sections.

I hope you enjoy the new features.  I will be adding the same features to the TNA news page in the future.

Keeping it real,

Vegas Martin