Kofi Kingston Speaks on His TLC Match with Orton, Sheamus and More

– In an interview with Sky Sports, Kofi Kingston talked about this coming Sunday’s TLC pay-per-view and more. Below are some highlights:

Match vs. Orton at TLC: “I’ve been training hard. It’s going to be a battle. I think I have learned a lot these past weeks. I know that I don’t just fight one member of Legacy, I’m always having to fight all three. This is going to be a brawl to say the least.”

Sheamus’ rise in WWE: “I don’t think Sheamus would have stepped up to that role if he wasn’t ready to carry the ball. If you pick a fight with John Cena you better bring it. I hope Sheamus knows what he is doing.”

Superstars jealousy of Sheamus: “Some people might be jealous, I wouldn’t be surprised. But me, I’m not jealous for sure. I’m sure that for Sheamus and I, our paths will cross in the near future.”

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