WrestleScoop Launches New Design

WrestleScoop Readers,

I launched a new design.  Why did I redesign the site?  First, change is good.  It still has the same basic layout though.  Just a few aesthetic tweaks to it.  Second, it should load a bit faster since the files take up less space.  Third, I wanted a lighter, cleaner design, so it is easier to read.

You may notice that if you go to other non-news pages, such as Wallpapers, it will look really messed up. Just click refresh. This is caused by the your browser “caching files” so it just needs to be updated.  To get these pages to render correctly permanently, you must clear your cache (Tools > Clear Browsing Data) or can be done easily by pressing CTRL+ F5.

I hope that you enjoy the new design.  Send me feedback or let me know if you notice anything that looks weird or any bugs.  There’s a comments section at the bottom of the page.  I extensively tested the design in several different browsers, so as long as you’re running Internet Explorer 5.0 or above, everything should be fine.  Of course, I would recommend downloading Google Chrome and use that as your primary browser — it is a super fast browser.

Hope you enjoy,

Vegas Martin



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  • titovel

    i dont like dis new look

  • Vegas Martin

    What’s not to like?

  • Todd

    I agree with titovel… Not bad, but actually feels like a step backward from the last design… Not intended as an insult, I assume you want all criticism if you want it to be good for everyone…

  • Vegas Martin

    It’s much easier on the eyes. Cleaner looking. Better navigation bar. And I ditched the rounded corners, which end up taking a long time to load.

  • Todd

    It’s definitely not bad. I noticed the rounded corners and thought it looked better when they were round, but if it’s a performance thing, I can see why you did it. Easier on the eyes, possibly, I just thought the last version “popped” a bit more. Honestly though, with a cleaner design that was easier on the eyes, I can see why you went this direction. I’ll take it regardless, just keep giving me the “scoop!”

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