Update on The Rock and WWE, Backstage Heat on John Cena

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– The angle concerning lockerroom resentment for John Cena, as highlighted in promos from Jesse Ventura and Carlito, has some footing in reality. While the ill will was obviously exaggerated for storyline, a number of wrestlers do reportedly resent Cena’s standing with management, a feeling that is attributed to either envy of his cushy position or disgust for his “company man” attitude, depending on who is asked. Sources say his public airing of grievances with The Rock, regardless of the fact that he was likely reading company-fed lines, did not help his standing with “the boys.”

– It’s been heavily rumored that Dwayne Johnson would be making a one-night return to WWE early next year as the special guest host of an episode of RAW. In an update on the situation, “The Rock” is saying he hasn’t decided upon what day that would be. January, which was the time period primarily discussed with WWE, looks to be challenging and unlikely considering he’s going to be so busy with the publicity campaign for his next movie, Tooth Fairy. WWE reportedly had their sights set on Johnson hosting RAW on either the 4th or the 11th.

On another note, Johnson is saying Tooth Fairy will be his final family comedy movie for a while as he’s looking to move on to different types of roles. He said he set a goal three years ago to do family comedy movies for a while, but feels the time has come to explore other opportunities. The Other Guys, where Johnson worked with Samuel L. Jackson, recently concluded filming and will be out this summer. And once the publicity campaign for Tooth Fairy has completed, he’ll immediately begin shooting his next film, Faster, with Billy Bob Thornton (scheduled for January 22, 2010). Hence, if and when Johnson returns to WWE, it will likely take place in March at the earliest.

While Johnson’s saying he wants to return, he hasn’t decided on what the best scenario would be, so he may not necessarily come back as the host of RAW.