The Two Sheds Review: Timeline: The History of WWE 1983

THE TWO SHEDS REVIEW by Julian Radbourne
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I’ve said it before, so I’ll say it again – I’m a sucker for old wrestling stories. But seeing as I don’t hang around with old wrestlers anymore, there’s no better way to hear these old tales than in a Kayfabe Commentaries DVD release.

The .latest Timeline: The History of WWE sees regular host Sean Oliver journey back in time to 1983, with the Magnificent One, Don Muraco, as his travelling companion.

1983 was the year that Vince McMahon took over from his old man, and instituted his plans for national expansion. Of course Muraco, as Intercontinental Champion and one of the company’s biggest heels was an integral part of those plans.

This DVD certainly makes for interesting viewing as Muraco discusses the big events of the year, such as Eddie Gilbert’s car crash, his various feuds with Rocky Johnson, Bob Backlund and Jimmy Snuka, as well as a humorous story about “Iron” Mike Sharpe’s personal hygiene regime.

Muraco also discusses the events surrounding the death of Snuka’s girlfriend Nancy, and how news of what happened was quickly suppressed.

Of course, there’s mention of the arrival of a certain big blonde guy in the company towards the end of the year, and Muraco tells us that he guessed what was going to happen after Backlund lost the title to the Iron Sheik.

In conclusion – if you’re a wrestling history buff then you’re bound to like this release. Muraco comes across very well here. He’s definitely not the bitter old veteran type. Sean Oliver, as always, is the perfect foil for the interview subject. Once again it was a joy to watch a Kayfabe Commentaries release, and I hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

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