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Well, black Friday was this past week and if you did take part in the human Royal Rumble inside stores all across the country, I hope you got some good deals. Seriously though, I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving and of course, thanks for taking the time to read this column.

This week, I want to discuss the events of this past week on Raw and more specifically, the break though battle royal that determined the next number one contender for the WWE title at the next PPV, TLC in a mere three weeks. I’m not going to go into another tedious rant about the WWE having too many PPV or even that all the gimmick PPVs are something different right now but it’s basically ruining the gimmick matches themselves in the long run. I will, however, talk about the very unique situation that now puts Sheamus in line for a title shot next and you might be surprised with what is the most logical decision in my opinion for what would be a wise decision for the outcome of the match. The Celtic Warrior is fairly new to the WWE only debuting a few months ago on ECW, which from a rating perspective is one of the WWE’s least watched show. He is even more of an unknown to most of the WWE audience since he made his way to Raw only a few weeks ago.

Now normally, I would say that Sheamus isn’t even close to being ready for a main event title match and it doesn’t make sense that he is challenging for the title because he doesn’t have the star power to be in the main event of a PPV but in this case, the storyline is for someone that hasn’t had a title shot get a chance at the WWE title so it works in this particular situation. The whole scenario creates a very unique opportunity for the WWE to make Sheamus a star but it really depends on a few different factors, most importantly, if Sheamus has what it takes to actually be a main star in the WWE and even though he’s been given a very impact push, there hasn’t been enough time to really see if he can be a long term force in the WWE. Another important element to the whole situation is how the WWE books the next few weeks of T.V. and the outcome of the actual match at the TLC PPV. So far, Sheamus has been given the standard plus on T.V. plus the angle where he “retired” Jamie Noble and he also got a win at the Survivor Series. That’s a decent list of things for a push but what should the result of the table match be in three weeks?

In my opinion, the WWE should have Sheamus win the WWE title. Now before you completely dismiss the option, I will explain. Sheamus is so new to the WWE and if the WWE doesn’t put the title on him for a short time, it basically waste the break though battle royal concept, which is a really innovative way to push the younger stars. It would also waste the T.V. time Sheamus has been given over the past few months and also waste the Jamie Noble retirement angle. Not to mention, it would portray Sheamus as someone that didn’t have what it takes to be a main eventer, which could have a drastic effect on how Sheamus is used for an extended time frame in the WWE. Essentially, the WWE has somewhat booked themselves into a corner because as I said, if the WWE only pushes Sheamus to job to John Cena in the main event of a gimmick PPV, they have wasted the T.V. time they invested into Sheamus.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Sheamus should main event Wrestlemania or anything because John Cena is defiantly the most popular star the WWE has right now so he shouldn’t take a back seat to Sheamus, but Cena is so over with the WWE audience that I don’t think him dropping the title to Sheamus for a month or two would really hurt Cena’s status in the WWE. As far as how Sheamus dropping the title, the WWE had a tendency to book three or four way matches in the past few months so that could be a way for the title to transfer back to Cena before Wrestlemania and it also wouldn’t ruin Sheamus’ push. As for what the WWE will actually do in three weeks? The answer is probably have Sheamus job to Cena and basically use months of a push for a three week feud but regardless it will be interesting to see who will be the WWE champion at the TLC PPV.

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