Shane McMahon’s UFC Role Revealed, Deal Being Reached Soon?


We’ve received more details on a potential role that Shane McMahon may have with UFC if he chooses to sign with the company.  Shane McMahon has made a name for himself in WWE by helping WWE gain more brand exposure, specifically in the merchandise area, and then increasing that brand internationally in places like the United Kingdon, Germany, and other parts of Europe.

The UFC is seeking to expand its brand in a similar way that the WWE has expanded.  For example, UFC does not have any t-shirts or other merchandise that you are able to purchase in stores like Wal-Mart or Target, where the WWE has a solid pressence.  Essentially, Shane McMahon would be brought into the company to kickstart the UFC consumer market.

The two sides are currently in discussions over money.  The UFC would prefer to have Shane be an employee of the UFC, but Shane is more interested in owning a stake in the UFC.  We’ll keep you updated on any developments that may occur.