Kelly Kelly Speaks on Steve Austin, Extreme Expose and More

– Below are some highlights from an interview between WWE Diva Kelly Kelly and

Q Did you have any wrestlers that you particularly liked when you were growing up?
A I loved Stone Cold, he was my favourite. I just thought he was so cute.

Q What was your initial reaction when the modelling agency that you were working for told you that they had been contacted by WWE?
A It was a little shocking like “Oh my gosh”. I never thought in a million years that they would have known who I was or that they would have wanted me to work for them. So when I got the call, I dropped everything. I was going to college, it was my first year and I dropped everything. I left my family and moved to Kentucky and was like “this is the dream of a life-time”.

Q You were the youngest diva ever in WWE. Did that make it harder or easier to fit in?
A It was actually really hard because I had just finished high-school. It was hard but, a lot of the guys took me under their wing and showed me the ropes and how to deal with travelling and that kind of thing. They took really good care of me.

Q Do you miss the days of Extreme Expose?
A No I can’t say I do! I loved the girls but my dancing skills where not up to par. I tried to keep up with them but I have to say I wasn’t the best dancer.

Q Who are your role models in wrestling and who do you look up to?
A I have to say Trish Stratus, the big one. She’s the ultimate diva. That’s what I aim to be like I guess! I am always watching Lita’s stuff.