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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 11/27/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results, WWE News
Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

– Thanks to Stefano and for these spoilers for this week’s SmackDown from Bridgeport, CT:

Dark Match

* Kaval defeated Paul Burchill (w/Katie Lea). Kaval worked previously as Low-Ki. He won the match with a standing stomp off turnbuckle.


* opened the show with a promo regarding the JeriShow vs. and match at the pay-per-view. Chris said there have been eight matches. He said hasn’t been in one. He said he’s been in two. He added that he’s a winner and are losers.

* Jericho called out Teddy Long for not respecting him. Long came out and booked a non-title match between Jericho and for later in the show.

* The Hart Dynasty defeated Cryme Tyme. interrupted Shad’s attempted pin. Kidd threw out of the ring. David Hart Smith hit his Saito suplex on shad for the win.

* There was a backstage promo with asking Teddy Long for an opponent on tonight’s show. Vickie Guerrero and Eric Escobar interrupted. Vickie wanted Escobar to have a title shot. Long agreed to book the match. He said it was Escobar’s only shot at the Intercontinental Title.

* C.M. Punk came to the ring. He said he will still try to help people change their lives. He introduced Luke Gallos, who is better known as Festus. He blamed his previous condition on years of drug abuse. Punk claimed he helped him out of his previous mental state to where he is now. Punk pulled a copy of ’s new DVD out of a brown bag. He said Hardy ruined all his fan’s lives. He said he was like a prophet and noted that the last chapter of the DVD featured his final match in WWE.

* interrupted Punk. He called Jeff a free spirit who has his flaws. They continued to bicker and it set up a match between the two.

* Matt Hardy defeated C.M. Punk by DQ. Gallos (a/k/a Festus) pulled Hardy from the rope. He slingshotted Hardy, punched him, and then Punk kicked him. Punk also hit Hardy with a running knee. Festus pulled Hardy from the ground and slammed him to the mat.

* Backstage, Josh Matthews asked what her feelings are regarding and Layla’s attacks on her over the last couple weeks. Mickie said she’s not leaving. She said she worked hard and won’t leave Smackdown because juvenile pranks don’t bother her.

* defeated via countout in a No. 1 contender’s match. hit Kane’s leg with a chair outside the ring, causing Kane to be counted out. Great match. Lot of Nearfalls. worked on Kane’s leg. Kane kicked out a spear and kicked out of a clothesline before the finish.

* John Morrison defeated Eric Escobar to retain the Intercontinental Title. Morrison won with Starship Pain. Quick match. Afterward, Vickie screamed at Escobar and said they were finished. She left the ring to a bunch of boos.

* Backstage, Eric Escobar met up with Vickie Guerrero. He told her that she’s disgusting and broke up with her. She was steaming.

* Undertaker defeated Chris Jericho by DQ in a non-title match. Batista joined and Todd Grisham on commentary for the match. Taker was going for the Tombstone when Batista hit the ring and took out his leg. Batista hit Taker repeatedly with chairshots.

Batista flexed while standing over Taker. Batista and Jericho punched Taker. C.M. Punk ran in and it became a three-on-one. Kane finally came out and cleaned house. Taker chokeslammed Batista. Taker then chokeslammed Punk while Kane chokeslammed Jericho at the same time. Taker posed with belt and Kane.

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