WWE RAW Results – November 23, 2009

– Tonight’s three-hour RAW kicks off with Michael Cole welcoming us to Hershey, PA. Tonight, we will see WWE Champion John Cena take on CM Punk in a first. Justin Roberts introduces tonight’s RAW host Jesse Ventura. Instead, Voices starts playing and Randy Orton marches to the ring.

Orton says he knows Jesse Ventura has a major announcement regarding the WWE Title tonight but he also knows what his father told him about Ventura and that’s he’s a radical, someone who isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Orton wants Ventura to prove this to him. Orton wants Ventura to put him in a WWE Title match with Cena. Orton says he deserves it more than anyone else.

The music hits and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura to a nice reaction from the crowd. Ventura says he’s back and he’s dressed like pro wrestling tonight, not a Governor. Ventura says he’s in charge tonight and what he says goes. Ventura says he respects Orton and that he reminds him of a younger version of himself. Ventura says he is bringing something totally new to WWE tonight. Ventura says Orton won’t get a title shot because he is here for something new. Ventura says there’s been too many of the same people getting title shots and it’s time to change that. Ventura says no Orton, no Big Show, no HBK, no Triple H, no Jericho, none of the usuals getting title shots. Ventura says there will be a series of matches. To qualify, you can never have been a World Champion. The winners will go into a “Breakthrough Battle Royal” with the winner getting a World Title Shot, he says. Presumably the WWE Title.

Orton says Ventura is making a mistake. Ventura says he moves on from his mistakes and what he says goes. Ventura announces CM Punk vs. John Cena and DX vs. The Hart Dynasty for tonight as well as the qualifying matches with winners going on to the battle royal. Ventura says the first match starts right now.

Breakthrough Battle Royal Qualifier: Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler
The music hits and out comes Kofi Kingston to a big pop. Randy Orton locks eyes with Orton as they pass on the ramp. RAW goes to commercial as Kofi enters the ring. Back from a quick break and we see some replays from Kofi. Out comes his opponent, Dolph Ziggler.

They lock up and go to the corner. Dolph with a cheap shot. Dolph beats Kofi down in the corner. Kofi turns things around and unloads on Dolph. They trade near falls. Dolph with knees to the face and kicks. Dolph with another 2 count. They go back and forth some more until Dolph drops Kofi on his face for another 2 count. Headlock by Dolph. Dolph keeps in control and gets another 2 count. Dolph with a chinlock and body scissors. Kofi starts fighting back with kicks and a big right hand. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and Trouble in Paradise for the pinfall and the win.
Winner: Kofi Kingston

– Cole leads us to The Miz backstage at a Thanksgiving dinner table, telling what he’s thankful for. He’s thankful for his team at Survivor Series and being the most dominant US Champion of all-time. Actually, he’s not thankful for those things because he expects greatness. He says the people should be thankful for getting the chance to watch him because he’s awesome. We go to commercial.

Breakthrough Battle Royal Qualifier: Sheamus vs. Finlay
Back from the break and we get some replays of Sheamus. Out he comes for the next qualifier. Out comes his opponent, Finlay. The bell rings and Sheamus attacks but Finlay ducks. Finlay unloads and kicks Sheamus to the floor. They brawl onto the announcers table.

Sheamus knocks Finlay down in the ring for a 2 count. Sheamus rushes in the corner but Finlay hits him with a knee. Finlay unloads with rights until Sheamus comes back with a big double ax handle blow. Sheamus rams Finlay into the ring post. Sheamus drops Finlay with the Border Toss type move for the pinfall and the win.
Winner: Sheamus

– After the match, Sheamus runs back to the ring and brings Finlay to the floor. Sheamus tosses Finlay into the steps and fan barrier. Sheamus hits the big kick to the face, sending Finlay into the crowd. We go to another break.

– Back from the break and Teddy Long is backstage, telling what he’s thankful for. Vickie Guerrero interrupts and says he should be thankful that Vince appointed her as Teddy’s assistant. Eric Escobar is with Vickie and says something about being eye candy. Vickie tells Teddy to pass the potatoes. He picks up a big bowl and goes to toss them on her. Escobar takes them and licks them off his finger for Vickie.

– Jesse Ventura is backstage looking through some of his old gear. Randy Orton walks in and says he wants in the battle royal. He says he is a victim of conspiracy. Ventura plugs his new show and says he knows about conspiracies. Ventura says he knows Orton is a victim of conspiracy. Ventura says he can’t go against what he’s already made just for Orton. Ventura says he likes what Orton does and how he retires old guys who need to go. Ventura says he won’t break the rules for Orton and Orton walks off.

CM Punk vs. John Cena

We go to the ring where CM Punk is making his way our for the next match. Punk takes the mic and says he has a whole lot to be thankful for. He is thankful for being straight-edge, thankful that it makes him different because he wouldn’t want to be like any of the fans. Punk tells everyone what straight-edge means again. Punk rips on the crowd and talks about them stuffing their fat faces at Thanksgiving. Punk says tonight he will face a turkey named John Cena. We cut to a commercial.

Back from the break and out comes the WWE Champion John Cena. Punk takes off his shirt and throws it at Cena. Cena takes off his shirt and the crowd pops. The bell rings and Punk goes to the corner stalling. Punk with a headlock on Cena. They collide with shoulder blocks in the middle of the ring. Punk kicks at Cena and backs him into the corner. Punk with a right hand. Punk with shoulders in the corner. Cena reverses and hits the bulldog on Punk for a 2 count. Cena hits a drop toe hold and goes for the STF but Punk scrambles to the floor. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Punk has his legs wrapped around Cena’s neck. During the break, Cena went for an Attitude Adjuster but Punk countered and hit a clothesline off the top. Cena fights out of the scissors and stands up with Punk on his shoulders. Cena falls back and drops Punk. Punk hits a clothesline for a quick 2 count. Punk with knees to the head and knees to the gut in the corner. Punk launches Cena into the corner and he goes down.

Punk nails a bunch of elbows and forearms on Cena for another 2 count. Cena fights back and hits shoulder blocks off the ropes. Cena with the big slam and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Adjuster but Punk flips out and lands on his feet. Punk goes for the GTS but Cena catches his leg and locks on the STF. Punk goes for the ropes and finally makes it, breaking the hold. Punk drops Cena out of nowhere and gets a 2 count. Punk hits the knee to the face in the corner and goes for the bulldog but Cena counters it and pushes Punk to the mat.

Cena goes to the top rope and hits the leg drop. Cena covers for only a 2 count. Cena goes for the AA again but Punk counters and lays Cena out with a dropkick to the jaw. 2 count for Punk. Punk goes for the knee in the corner again but misses and lands on the top. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment from the second rope for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: John Cena

– We go backstage where Vince McMahon walks up on Jesse Ventura and greets him. Vince says if he’s going to do like Roddy Piper and challenge him, then he declines. Ventura says he wouldn’t stoop low enough to wrestle Vince. He says when he wrestled Vince was an announcer. Ventura says he’s here to hit Vince below the belt, where it hurts. Vince talks about him being a billionaire and Ventura being a Governor. Ventura says Vince’s father had no confidence in him and didn’t believe in him because he made him an announcer. Ventura says he and Vince are returning to commentary together like the old days. Jesse says he’s in charge and hands Vince a tuxedo. Ventura says we’re going back to what Vince’s father thought he could do. Ventura has a red bowtie for Vince, just like the old days. We go to commercial.

Breakthrough Battle Royal Qualifier: Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters and Jack Swagger vs. MVP, Mark Henry and R-Truth

Back from the break and Chavo, Masters and Swagger wait in the ring. It’s announced that the winning team will have all three of it’s members enter the battle royal. Out next is R-Truth, MVP and Mark Henry.

Swagger and MVP start the match. Swagger takes MVP to the mat and applies a headlock. Swagger with a big shoulder off the ropes. MVP comes back with a big hip toss and right hand for a 1 count. Swagger backs MVP into the corner with shoulder thrusts. Chavo is tagged in. He comes off the ropes for a dropkick but MVP catches him with a belly to belly suplex. Masters was tagged in. He comes in working on MVP and tags back in Chavo. Chavo beats MVP down with right hands.

Masters comes back in and slams MVP, then applies a headlock. MVP fights out but Masters beats him back down and kicks him in the gut. Masters runs into a big clothesline from MVP. R-Truth is tagged in. He works over Masters and does some moves out of the corner, hitting a spinkick on Masters for a 2 count. Chavo comes in. Swagger comes in and they brawl. Henry comes in the ring and slams Chavo over the top rope onto Swagger on the floor. Truth hits the forearm off the ropes on Masters for the pinfall and the win. Their team will go on to the battle royal.

Winners: MVP, Mark Henry and R-Truth

– We go backstage where Triple H is looking right at Shawn Michaels. Triple H asks him what was up with the kick last night. HBK is playing scared here and says it was for the Championship but he’s sorry. HBK figured Triple H was going to Pedigree him first anyway. Triple H plays it off and says Shawn kicked him three times last night. They get a legal letter and it’s Hornswoggle suing them. It says there will be a “little people’s court” on next week’s RAW. They make short jokes and we go to commercial.

Breakthrough Battle Royal Qualifier: Evan Bourne vs. Randy Orton

Back from the break and Evan Bourne makes his way to the ring. Primo Colon heads down the ramp next but Randy Orton attacks him from behind. Orton destroys Primo and heads to the ring. Orton tells the referee he’s taking Primo’s spot and he’s in the match now. Ventura appears on the big screen and says to shut it down. Ventura says since Orton has been on his case all night and rules are made to be broken, if Orton can beat Bourne tonight then he will be in the battle royal. Ventura says ring the bell. Orton attacks Bourne and gets a 2 count.

Orton with more offense and another 2 count. Orton goes for a backbreaker but Bourne fights out with kicks and knees. Bourne with a kick to the head. Bourne goes up top and hits the knee stomp for a close 2 count. Bourne comes off the ropes but Orton catches him in a powerslam. Orton nails the RKO for the pinfall and the win. Orton is in the battle royal.

Winner: Randy Orton

– We see a video package of Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura announcing together over the years. Melina, Mickie James and Kelly Kelly are shown backstage headed to the ring for the Mayflower Melee match as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Michael Cole hypes The Marine 2 with Ted DiBiase and they premiere the trailer. We see Ted and Cody Rhodes backstage talking as we head to the ring.

Mayflower Melee Match: Michelle McCool, Layla and Jillian vs. Mickie James, Kelly Kelly and Melina

Weird music starts playing as The Pilgrims come out, Michelle McCool, Jillian and Layla. They’re dressed as Pilgrims and don’t look too happy. McCool takes the mic and mocks the match saying this is stupid. Roberts interrupts her and introduces the special timekeeper for this match. It’s the infamous Gobbledy Gooker. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes The Indians. They come out to a remix of Tatanka’s music, looking pretty happy and hot. Melina and Jillian start things off. Jillian takes her to the mat first. Melina with a shoulder and rights in the corner. Jillian takes control and tosses Melina around the ring. Jillian goes for a back elbow in the corner but Melina kicks her. Melina with a faceplant and a 2 count. Layla hits Melina but she gets decked off the apron. Layla and McCool get fed up and start walking to the back, distracting Jillian. Melina nails her as she turns around for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Mickie James, Kelly Kelly and Melina

– After the match, Gobbledy and Jerry Lawler come in the ring to interview them. Melina speaks but gets tackled by the Gooker out of nowhere. The mask is removed and it’s Maryse! She’s back on RAW. Maryse beats Melina down, takes off the costume and reveals a sexy black dress. Maryse slams the garb down on Melina and poses as her music plays.

DX vs. The Hart Dynasty
Back from the break and DX makes their way to the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Out next is The Hart Dynasty with Natalya. Tyson Kidd and HBK start things off. Tyson strikes first but HBK comes back with chops. HBK with a forearm off the ropes. David Hart Smith is tagged in, drops HBK and gets a 2 count. And another 2 count. DH with shots on HBK in the corner.

DH continues to work over HBK with stomps. Tyson is tagged in as DH drop toe holds HBK. Nice double team kick by Kidd for a 2 count. Tyson gets another 2 count before tagging in DH again. Double suplex by the Harts. 2 count by DH. HBK finally counters a move but they butt heads and both go down. Tyson and Triple H come in at the same time. Triple H with right hands and a big knee to the face.

Triple H hits a spinebuster on DH and Kidd. He goes for a Pedigree but DH makes the save with a big boot. They go for a double team move but HBK superkicks DH, dropping him. Tyson comes off the rope but Triple H catches him with the Pedigree for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: DX

– After the match, one-half of the Unified Tag Champions Chris Jericho comes to the ramp and congratulates DX on their win. He says Jesse Ventura made a match in three weeks at Tables, Ladders & Chairs between Show and Jericho vs. DX. Jericho says Big Show is on a personal vacation tonight. HBK says at TLC, there will be tables matches, ladder matches and chair matches. He says the Tag Titles will be on the line in a TLC match. Shawn says if he’s not down with that.. and Jericho interrupts him screaming. Jericho cuts a promo on DX’s antics and says despite everything else, they have never been the Tag Team Champions. Jericho says as long as he has the titles, DX never will. Jericho heads to the back as we see Batista heading to the ring.

– Back from commercial and Rey Mysterio’s music starts playing. Out comes Batista which gets some heat from the crowd. Batista says Rey won’t be joining us tonight and will be spending his Thanksgiving in a hospital bed. Batista says it’s Rey’s own fault. Batista says Rey tried to play tough and tried to embarrass him so Batista chose to powerbomb him until the EMT’s had to scrape him off a chair last night. Batista says if someone from SmackDown wins the Breakthrough Battle Royal, he will hit the ring and make them wish they didn’t win. He says The Undertaker and the World Title are his. He says nobody alive is going to stop… the pyro hits and out comes Kane to the ring.

Kane comes out and begs Batista to make an example out of him. Batista stares Kane down, starts smirking and backs off out of the ring. The crowd boos Batista as he backs up the ramp and Kane makes the ring explode with pyro.

Breakthrough Battle Royal Qualifier: Cryme Tyme vs. Legacy
This is the final qualifier match. Each member of the winning team will advance. Out first is Cryme Tyme followed by their opponents, Legacy.

JTG and Cody start the match out. Cody hits rights until JTG throws him into the corner and hits the faceplant from the top for a 2 count. Ted is tagged in and hits JTG from behind. Ted beats down JTG and takes it to the corner, tagging in Cody. Cody works over JTG and tags Ted back in. Ted kicks JTG in the head and covers him for 2. Cody comes back in from a tag and they hit a double team dropkick by Rhodes for a 2 count.

JTG finally kicks Cody to the mat and tags in Shad. Ted also comes in and gets clotheslined by Shad. Shad with an atomic drop and a big shoulder off the ropes. Ted jumps but gets caught in mid-air by Shad. Shad hits a big powerbomb on Ted for a 2 count as Cody makes the save. JTG comes in and dropkicks Cody. Cody pulls JTG to the floor. Shad knocks Cody off the apron to the floor. Ted comes from behind and hits Dream Street on Shad for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Legacy

– Backstage, Gail Kim is about to tell what she’s thankful for when Alicia Fox interrupts and disses Gail’s performance at Survivor Series. They’re about to throw pie on each other when Santino Marella interrupts. He says they should be making a meal for their husbands or boyfriends. Santino wants to see all the Divas cook him a meal. Alicia and Gail hit him with pie. The Bella Twins walk in. He tries to get them to cook him a meal and they pie him also. Eve Torres comes in to help Santino get the pie off his face. He pisses her off and she pies him with a hot pie. Santino can’t see as Vickie Guerrero walks in with a cake, snickering. He knocks the cake into her face without knowing and walks off.

Breakthrough Battle Royal: Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, R-Truth, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase, Sheamus, MVP
Out first is Jesse Ventura on commentary. The Body comes down to a nice pop and takes the mic, reminding us he’s in charge tonight. Ventura says he wanted to turn the clock back almost twenty years to the WWF and introduces his broadcast partner, Vince McMahon. Out comes Vince in a tux with a red bowtie. Vince struts over to the announcers table and asks Jesse how good he looks. Out first for the match comes Kofi Kingston.

Back from a quick break and Randy Orton is the next man out while Vince and Jesse go at it on commentary. The other participants are already in the ring as they came out during commercial. The bell rings and everyone stands off. Legacy and Orton beat Kofi down until MVP and Truth make the save. Kofi and Truth work on Ted in the corner. Orton is out on the floor, playing it safe. Cody tries to get MVP over.

Sheamus stands back in a corner by himself while everyone goes at it and Orton is on the floor. Legacy go at it with Henry, Kofi and Truth while Sheamus just waits. Truth works on Kofi while Legacy on MVP. Truth comes over and tries to dump Ted. Sheamus finally gets in it and drops Truth. Sheamus throws Truth over the top rope. Orton rushes the ring and attacks Kofi in the corner. Cody comes to assist until MVP makes the save.

Sheamus dumps MVP over the top and goes at it with Henry. Henry drops him with a headbutt. Henry tries to dump Sheamus over the top. Legacy rush him and Sheamus lands on the apron. Henry double clotheslines Ted and Cody over the rope. Sheamus takes advantage and eliminates Henry. It’s Orton, Kofi and Sheamus now. Orton works over Kofi in the corner. They trade shots in the middle of the ring. Kofi comes off the top with a big shot and mounts Orton with right hands. Sheamus just stands back and watches.

Sheamus comes over but Orton drops him with the backbreaker. Orton stomps on Sheamus and goes back to Kofi. Kofi dropkicks Orton into the corner and jumps up on him. Kofi gets dumped over the ropes but hangs on. He eliminates Orton with a head scissors. Sheamus attacks Kofi from behind to win the battle royal and be the new #1 contender.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Sheamus

– After the match, we get ready for the WWE Title match contract signing. We go to commercial break.

– After the match, we get ready for the WWE Title match contract signing. We go to commercial break.

– Back from the break and Sheamus is in the ring with Jesse Ventura with the contract signing setup. Ventura says it’s been great to be back with WWE tonight. Ventura brings out the WWE Champion John Cena for the signing and out he comes.

Cena has a seat at the table while Sheamus stands and stares him down. Cena is introduced and gets some boo’s. Ventura announces the match with Sheamus getting a WWE Title shot. Cena just laughs to himself. Sheamus declares himself the #1 contender and demands Cena stand up and face him. Cena says when he hears that, usually it’s from a future Hall of Famer like HBK or Orton. Cena mocks what Sheamus has done since coming to RAW. Cena cuts a promo about how he’s never given up and how this is his life, his passion and all he has. Cena gets emotional.

Cena tells Sheamus to take a good look at the WWE Title and see what signing the contract means. Cena says when he signs it, he goes to war. Cena says Sheamus better be ready to make a statement. Sheamus says he retires people because he can and beats up Hall of Famers because he can but that’s nothing compared to what he’s going to do to Cena. They face off as Ventura watches. Cena takes off his shirt and the crowd pops. Sheamus signs the contract as does Cena. Ventura presents the contract for the TLC pay-per-view as Sheamus and Cena face off. Ventura thinks there’s a conspiracy in WWE to keep Cena as the WWE Champion. Ventura says Cena has the looks and calls him the perfect little Champion that WWE wants. Ventura rips into Cena. Sheamus takes out Cena with a big kick to the face. Ventura tells everyone to look at your Champion as Sheamus throws him into the ring post. Sheamus slams Cena through a table as Ventura announces the TLC pay-per-view match will be a Tables Match for the WWE Title. We go to replays. Sheamus grabs the WWE Title and holds it up over Cena as RAW goes off the air.





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  • jason

    sheamus will win title at tlc orton will rko cena through the table so sheamus wins the next night orton will beat sheamus for the title and say the only way cena gets a title shot is if he wins the royal rumble which cena will win then cena will go on to soething bigger he will face undertaker at wrestlemania to try to end the streak

  • Huh?

    Sheamus’ push is rushed … Orton/Legacy helping HBK win the title at Survivor Series and the stories that could open from there would have been more interesting – we could have had a Kofi/Orton feud for the title after the Rumble if WWE wanted this … I don’t see Sheamus winning – if they’re going to have Orton help Sheamus just to take the title from him – how is that going to help Sheamus in the long run? He’ll just fade back to mid-card status … In 2 months time it’s still going to be Orton or Cena or HHH or HBK with the title and Sheamus will be squashing Evan Bourne in the 1st hour of Raw every week.

  • jason

    remember orton cant wrestle cena for the title so this is there way around it sheamus is undefeated thats why they had him win then he will beat cena with ortons help then orton will beat sheamus so orton will get the title andsheamus will go wrestling on first hour of raw like you say they are not given sheamus a push it just appears that way and yes the same names will still be having the title

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