WWE SmackDown Report – 11/20/2009

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Report – November 20th, 2009
Report by Chris Shore, Prowrestling.net

[Q1]The opening video aired, followed by the pyro, and Todd Grisham and Matt Striker welcomed us to Smackdown. They hyped the Brothers of Destruction vs. JeriShow and The IC title match…Batista’s music hit and he came out to a confused crowd. It’s so strange to not see him do the machine gun ramp bit. Matt came out to Jeff’s diminished heat…

1. Batista defeated Matt Hardy at 4:25. Hardy ducked an immediate clothesline and worked strikes on Batista. Batista rolled to the floor and Hardy followed. He worked Batista on the rail and rolled him into the ring. Batista stomped a returning Matt and drove him into the turnbuckle. He slammed Matt for two and locked in a rest hold at 1:01.

Batista botched Matt’s chin buster and Matt went of offense. He hit a club from the second rope and teased Twist of Fate. Batista reversed for a Batista Bomb tease. Matt reversed into a DDT. Batista kicked Hardy and whipped him to the corner. He charged in and Matt hit a drop toe hold and Batista hit the second turnbuckle.

Matt climbed up for ten punches. Batista lifted him and dropped him face first on the turnbuckle. He hit three spine busters and then a Batista Bomb for the win. Post match, Batista was shown with a busted lip as he walked back up the ramp…The announce team setup a video that recapped the Batista/Mysterio contract signing….

Backstage, Josh Matthews started to ask Batista about the contract signing. Batista said Rey made three mistakes, he cost him the title, he signed the hold harmless agreement, and he embarrassed him. He said he would punish Rey with no mercy, regrets, or remorse. Josh looked stupid into the break…[C]

[Q2]Back from commercial, a video package highlighted Kane and Taker…Backstage, Teddy Long was in his office. Vickie Guerrero came in with Eric Escobar. She punked him for putting Kane and Taker back together. He said it was McMahon’s idea. She said he needed to get control of his show. She tried to talk garbage and he told her he didn’t need her opinion and to get out of his office.

Vince walked up and called Long stupid for putting the Brothers of Destruction back together. Long stammered out an excuse and Vince cut him off. He said Vickie Guerrero was now the Special Consultant for Smackdown to help Long get off probation. Vickie went bat shit crazy celebrating…Drew McIntyre made his ring entrance…[C]

Back from commercial, a video recapped Drew’s beat down on Finlay last week. McIntyre cut a promo and said Finlay didn’t love to fight, he loved to cry. He said Finlay was like a little old lady and afraid of him. He called Finlay out. Finlay made his entrance…

2. Drew McIntyre defeated Finlay at 1:38. Finlay tackled him immediately and attacked. McIntyre rolled to the floor and Finlay followed. They brawled and McIntyre slid back in the ring. Finlay destroyed McIntyre in the ring and the ref pulled him off. Finlay went back in and McIntyre hit a thumb to the eye. Finlay oversold and McIntyre hit his finisher for the win. Drew celebrated on the ramp and Finlay continued to over sell in the ring…CM Punk was shown backstage heading towards the ring…

[Q3][C]Back from commercial, the announce team hyped the tag team main event…CM Punk made his ring entrance. In the ring was a table with three white buckets upside down with a red X on each. It was set up like the clamshell game. There was also a trash can. Punk said he was the to do a straight edge intervention.

Punk said the first thing was a confession. He said they all needed to quit lying to themselves and say, “I have a problem.” He asked everyone to stand and for the people at home to put their hands on the screen and admit they were addicts. The crowd booed and Punk said they were in denial. HE said he was going to teach everyone how to survive.

He flipped over the first bucket and there was a carton of cigarettes. The carton said, “Careful, cigarettes may cause a slow and painless death.” Punk opened the carton and there was no packs, just cigarettes. What the hell? He threw the cigarettes in the trash. He flipped over the second bucket and there was a prescription bottle. They went in the trash too. Under the last bucket was a bottle of whiskey.

He said that this was controlling their bodies. He asked if they wanted him to take a big swig and the crowd popped. He said it would never happen and called it poison. He said just like the whiskey, their lives were going down the drain. He poured the whole bottle out to big heat. R-Truth’s music hit and he came to the ring not signing. Best segment ever.

Truth got in the ring and did the “What’s up?” bit. He said the truth was Punk thinks he’s better than everyone else. He said the truth was everyone makes their own decisions. He said the truth was, he didn’t like Punk. He kicked the trash can into Punk and then hit a DDT. The crowd popped huge. Truth dumped the trashcan on Punk and then hit him with it. Punk rolled around in the ring as Truth celebrated up the ramp…

[Q4]The announce team hyped the IC match…[C]

Back from commercial, John Morrison made his ring entrance. Ziggler was out next…

3. John Morrison defeated Dolph Ziggler in a best of three falls match to retain the Intercontinental Title at 10:35. Ziggler started out with a cross body for one and worked strikes on Morrison. Morrison ducked a clothesline and hit a leg lariat for one. He whipped Ziggler to the corner and charged in. He slid to the floor and knocked Ziggler down. He went for Starship Pain and Ziggler rolled to the floor.

Morrison landed on his feet and hit a springboard front flip seated senton on Ziggler on the floor. He rolled Ziggler back in the ring at the corner and went for Starship Pain again. Ziggler got the knees up and Morrison crashed. After about five seconds, Ziggler covered but Morrison reversed for a rollup for the first fall at 2:04. The ref backed Ziggler up and made Morrison get to his feet so they could start the second fall…[C]

Back at 5:55, Ziggler hit a slam for two and locked in body scissors. Morrison fought out and rolled up Ziggler again. Ziggler kicked out and Morrison went for the seated knee. Ziggler ducked and hit the Zig Zag for his first fall at 6:04.

[Q5]Morrison was slow to get up. The ref started the third fall and Ziggler hit a huge drop kick for two. He locked in a chin lock and then lifted Morrison in a fireman’s carry. He dropped Morrison on his knees in a gut cruncher for two. He bent Morrison backwards across the post and then climbed back in the ring for a baseball slide into Morrison against the post.

Ziggler covered and Morrison reversed into a rollup for two. Ziggler did a gut wrench and Morrison rolled around into a DDT. Ziggler landed near the corner and Morrison hit Starship Pain for the third fall…The announce team hyped the main event.

Back from commercial, Mickie James made her ring entrance. A video recapped what McCool and Layla did to her last week. Layla made her ring entrance in a new outfit. Dear God…

4. Mickie James defeated Layla 1:08. Mickie grabbed Layla’s hand and went to work. She pounced on and pummeled Layla. She stomped her in the corner and Layla kicked her in the knee. Layla got in a couple of strikes, but Mickie reversed a corner whip into a roll up with bridge for the win.

Post match, Layla told Mickie to look at the screen. A video showed McCool dressed up like a farmer. She called her Piggy James and sang, “Michelle McCool had a farm…and on that farm she had a piggy.” A picture of a pig with Mickie’s face with a pig nose appeared. They even did the ‘That’s All Folks” Porky Pig bit with McCool with a Pig nose in the bull’s eye. Mickie actually cried and left the ring…Backstage, Mysterio was shown heading toward the ring…

[Q6][C]Back from commercial, Batista had joined the announce team. Grisham welcomed him and Dave just stared. Rey Mysterio made his ring entrance. Striker was almost in Grisham’s lap trying to get away from Batista. Kidd made his entrance next…

5. Tyson Kidd (w/Natalya)apparently defeated Rey Mysterio by disqualification at 2:36. Kidd tied Rey to the Tree of Woe early and kicked Rey in the back. He hit a drop kick for two. He went for a springboard elbow but Rey moved. Rey hit a hurricanranna to setup 619, but Kidd slipped to the floor. Rey went to the top and Batista pushed Kidd away. The ref called for the bell, apparently disqualifying Mysterio.

Batista turned around and Rey hit a seated senton on Batista into the chair. He ran into the ring and Batista followed. He slid out and Batista followed. He slid in and hit a baseball kick into Batista on the floor and then ran up the ramp. Batista followed but fell in the ring. He went nuts and Rey looked at him from the ramp…

Backstage, Jericho checked to make sure Show and he were on the same page. He put over the Brothers of Destruction. Show said he was thinking about the future. Jericho said that Show was selfish. Show said Jericho was scared. Jericho scoffed. Show said he knew how to beat Taker and Kane and at Survivor Series he would knock anybody, including Jericho out for the title.

Jericho said he wasn’t intimidated by Show or scared of the brothers. Show walked off and the lights went off. Jericho cried out and they came on. Show was at the door with his finger on the light switch. Jericho looked embarrassed…[C]

[Q6][C]Back from commercial, the Raw/MSG video played…Ringside, JeriShow made their ring entrance…[C]

Back from commercial, the Brothers of Destruction made their combo entrance as Undertaker crosses burned on the stage…

[Q8]6. Chris Jericho and Big Show fought Undertaker and Kane to an apparent no-contest at 12:15. Kane and Jericho started. Jericho got in a couple quick hits, but Kane punched him and went to work. He whipped Jericho to the corner and hit a clothesline for two. He tagged in Taker who worked Jericho in the corner. Taker whipped Jericho who grabbed the ropes and tagged in Show quickly.

Show and Taker stared off and Show threw the big punch. Taker ducked and went to work. He hit a flying clothesline of Show. Show stood up against the ropes. Kane came in and they double clotheslined Show over the top rope. Jericho checked on him into the break…[C]

Back at 5:44, Jericho worked Taker in the corner. He tried to whip, but Taker reversed and hit a clothesline. Taker hit Old School for two and tagged in Kane. They hit a double big boot for two. Kane whipped Jericho and Show blind tagged. Kane grabbed Jericho by the throat and Show hit a spear for two.

Show worked Kane in his corner. The ref pushed him off and Jericho worked Kane from the floor. Jericho tagged in and kicked Kane. He slapped on a rest hold. Kane fought out and Jericho hit a bulldog. Taker swatted at Jericho but missed. Jericho went for a Lionsault, but Kane got the knees up.

Show tagged in and stopped Kane. Jericho went to the announce table and yelled at them to tell how Show was manhandling Kane. Show set Kane on the top and tried for a superplex. Kane knocked him down and hit the flying clothesline.

Double hot tags and Taker hit Snake Eyes for two. He went for a choke slam and Jericho reversed into a Walls of Jericho setup. Taker locked in Hell’s Gate instead and Show hit a leg drop on Taker. Kane clothesline Show out of the ring and they battled on the floor. Jericho got up and clotheslined Taker over the top. Taker landed on his feet and dragged Jericho from the ring. Everybody battled on the floor and JeriShow were sent crashing into the rails.

Somewhere in all this, the match ended. We’ll call it right here. The brothers ripped everything out of the announce table and went to double choke slam Show. Jericho made the save, but they knocked him silly and rolled him back in the ring. Kane hit a choke slam and Taker lifted for a tombstone. Show dragged Kane to the floor and knocked him out. He climbed on the apron Taker went to get him.

Jericho tried to attack from behind and Taker hit a big boot. He turned around and Show choke slammed him. He helped Jericho up and Jericho hit the Codebreaker on Show. Jericho fled the ring and smiled on the stage to end the show…