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Chris Jericho Speaks On Taking Time Off In 2010, Hogan/TNA, More

Posted by Vegas Martin in WWE News
Thursday, November 19th, 2009

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WWE wrestler says he hopes helps TNA become a bigger company to give the WWE competition in the marketplace. Jericho says a stronger TNA would help WWE become better. “Anything that makes that company bigger is better for us,” Jericho told “Competition is what we thrive on, so good luck to them. I hope they get a real big boost from it.” Jericho has said in interviews recently that he feels WWE is at a “crisis point” when it comes to a lack of new stars. A strong argument could be made that WWE doesn’t have a sense of urgency to create new stars due to a lack of true competition. If TNA were to begin making a dent in WWE’s business, it could lead to a sense of urgency that has been missing from WWE’s business model for promoting and elevating new stars.

Jericho says he might consider taking time off early next year to tour with his band “Fozzy” after the release of their next album in January. “We did a lot of touring overseas: U.K., Ireland, Australia, Scotland — we did really good in those markets. I would be really interested in doing that again, but it all depends on what kind of timeline I have,” Jericho told Express Night Out. “You can’t spread yourself too thin because that’s when you really start losing it. That’s what I did last time: I just had so much going on that I started losing my mind.” Jericho took a hiatus from WWE in 2005 and returned in November 2007 after what he called mental burnout. “I wasn’t really mentally there, and if you’re not mentally there in this job you might as well just quit because you get hurt or you hurt somebody else,” Jericho said.

Jericho took time to write his autobiography during his hiatus and is currently working a second book detailing his WWE career. He says he is delegating some of the book-writing to others after writing “every word” himself in the first book. “The first one, I was a complete control freak,” Jericho said. “Everything was under my control. This time, I’m delegating a little bit of the responsibility just so it can get done. If not, it probably wouldn’t get done at all because I just don’t have the time for it right now.”

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