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Spoilers: iMPACT Tapings – 11/12/2009 & 12/3/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in iMPACT! Results, TNA News
Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

– TNA taped the second half of next week’s iMPACT as well as the December 3rd episode last night in Orlando. Here are the spoiler results:

* A TNA Championship Series tournament is announced with the winner gets a title shot in the division they’re in. A Knockouts battle royal for a title shot is also announced. Thanksgiving decorations are on the announcer’s table.

* Bobby Lashley defeats in the first round of Championship Series matches. Kristal faked an injury to distract , letting Lashley get the win.

* defeats in another first round match.

* defeats D’Angelo Dinero in another first round match.

* Robert Roode defeats Homicide in a first round match. Homicide freaks out after the match and throws a tantrum.

* Alissa Flash, Hamada, Madison, , , , Daffney, Sarita, and Tara all take part in the Knockouts battle royal. ODB is the referee. It comes down to Velvet and Tara with Tara winning. Tara tries to shake hands with ODB but ODB slaps her hand away.

* Homicide comes back out and is still upset about losing earlier.

* Daniels defeats Abyss after a low blow and a roll up. was on commentary. A video of The Beautiful People started playing during the match which distracted Abyss, letting Daniels hit the low blow. AJ was attacked by the mystery man after the match.

* Bobby Lashley defeats Desmond Wolfe in a semi-final match by DQ. Desmond had a submission on Lashley and refused to break the hold, getting the DQ.

* Robert Roode defeats Kurt Angle in another semi-final match by count out. Wolfe came to ringside and Angle went after him, getting the count out.

* D’Angelo Dinero defeats Jesse Neal. Neal spears The Pope after the match. The lights go out and Suicide appears, taking out Neal. Suicide and Pope shake hands before , and Neal surround them. and Hernandez come to their aid.

* Hamada defeats Sarita.

* AJ Styles is interviewed and wants to give him a call. Daniels comes out and is thrilled that and AJ are good friends. Daniels talks about how he was friends with AJ but says he turned his back on him.

* Bobby Lashley defeats Robert Roode in a match of the finals for the Championship Series.

* Kiyoshi defeats Kip James.

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