Former Indy Promoter Bashes SmackDown/WWE

Former ROH booker Gabe Sapolsky wrote the following rant on his MySpace page:

Well, sorry that this blog turned into more of a hard sell than usual. This won’t become a regular habit. There is just a lot going on. I stopped by the Smackdown taping last night and left after CM Punk’s promo. Punk was great, but the taping sucked. Most of the wrestlers were robotic (stop at top of ramp, pose, walk into ring, ignore entire crowd and turn to hard cam, pose, turn back to ramp and wait for opponent). Everything was formulaic. I sat there for two hours from the opening bell waiting through dead time between matches and endless videos before Smackdown actually started. However, it wasn’t all bad as Tommy Dreamer is still over in Philly and Punk is a superstar. Anyway, my point. I saw some crappy wrestling lately that turned me off to the business. Now this weekend there are three cards and I’m looking forward to every match on each of them. I don’t know if they’ll all be good, but they are all interesting, fresh and have potential. This is roughly 25 matches. Things are great when you find yourself looking forward to 25 matches in one weekend. I’ll have a report next week in this blog.

Chris Jericho responded to this on his Twitter page:

Dammit if Gabe Sopolsky wasn’t impressed, then what chance does the WWE have to survive even one more day??? Breadline, here I come…