Update on the WWE TV Network, What Happened After RAW Last Night, More

– Jamie Noble’s profile has been moved from WWE’s RAW roster on the website to their Alumni page.

– Jeffrey A. Gonzalez sent word that no matches took place after last night’s RAW in New York City even though John Cena vs. The Undertaker and DX vs. JeriShow were announced. After RAW, DX brought a fan in the ring to do crotch chops and that was about it.

– The LA Times had an article up yesterday speculating that the extension between WWE and the USA Network might lead to bigger things like a WWE network or WWE on NBC’s HD Universal channel. There have been preliminary talks between the two about the WWE TV network. They also talk about how Comcast may be taking over NBC Universal soon and if they do, that could be a plus for WWE as Comcast reaches almost 25% of the country.

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