RVD Talks About Joining WWE or TNA, Being Burned Out By Wrestling

Rob Van Dam talked about joining TNA or possibly returning to WWE in a recenty interview with the UK Sun:

TNA wrestles pretty much only in Florida, where my mom and dad live and is easy on the travel. Plus I’d be able to promote all my personal projects…very blatantly probably. But in WWE, just because there is so much more exposure and prestige involved, it probably makes up for a lot of what would be advantageous in TNA. Nobody ever considers that WWE would offer the same schedule as TNA do, but let’s see if they want RVD badly enough. Anything could happen.

Rob Van Dam then talked about being burned out at the end of his WWE run:

So when my contract was up, I had an exit. I didn’t quit, I finished my job and said: ‘I’m done. Thank you for the opportunity. I’ll come back when, and if, I feel the desire.’ So far it’s been two and a half years and I’m nowhere near ready to go back to full-time wrestling.




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    i’m join wwe.india

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