What Happened After Yesterday’s RAW with DX, Cena, Orton, More

– Thanks to Darren Wadsworth and F4Wonline.com for these notes from what happened after yesterday’s RAW in England:

It was a six man with DX & Cena vs Show, Jericho and Orton. Really quick match based on comedy. Michaels had heat on him briefly but it soon broke down to everyone in the ring. Show and Jericho bailed leaving Orton who covered himself up on the ground. The three faces all joined him on the ground as he kept peeking out from his tortoise like stance. When he got back up he first tried to strike up an alliance with Cena then with DX who played along and even gave him A dx handband to wear. When he went to do the chopblock however they turned on him, Michaels hit him with a superkick and while he stood stunned Michaels retrieved his handband. then it was pedigree and FU before Cena pinned him. Afterwards DX called out Hatton who came out with his son. The five of them posed in the ring with little Hatton in the middle being taught to chopblock byHHH., When HHH started doing his DX speech and it got to the bit about the millions at home he admitted that this Raw was being taped, wasn’t live and there wasn’t millions at home watching only the thousands in attendance. Hatton then messed up one of the DX lines and HHH said it was ok cos all of them get hit in the head for a living and he forgets things himself, he then looked at Michaels and said “Who are you?”

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