Spoilers: WWE RAW Tapings for 11/9/2009

– Thanks to Adam Farrand at the Sheffield Arena for the results in Sheffield, England:

RAW, Airing Tonight:

* Ricky Hatton kicked off Raw, Jerishow vs DX announced for later. Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox now in ring.

* Alicia Fox def. Kelly Kelly.

* Randy Orton vs. Mark Henry is announced for later too.

* Sheamus def. Unknown Wrestler. According to Adam, Sheamus debuted a border toss finisher.

* Promo with Hatton, Chavo, Bellas and Santino. Chavo vs. Hatton later tonight.

* Evan Bourne def. Jack Swagger after Miz interfered.

* VIP lounge with MVP & Mark Henry. Kofi joins them. Legacy interrupt, Kofi slaps Orton twice. Henry v Orton next.

* Randy Orton def. Mark Henry.

* Hatton v Chavo is advertised as a ‘Boxer Vs Wrestler Mixed Martial Arts Match’

* Ricky Hatton def. Chavo Guerrero after a knockout punch. Jerry Lawler said a few words after the match.

* Roddy Piper is next weeks guest host, Cena is on commentary for Jerishow vs DX.

* Crowd sang Happy Birthday to Chris Jericho.

* DX beat Jerishow after Show accidentally punched Jericho. Taker is at Raw! Next weeks main event is DX vs Jerishow vs Cena & Taker.

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