JR Blog: Hardy Keeping Quiet, WrestleMania Tickets, Hatton on RAW

Jim Ross has a new blog up on jrsbarbq.com. Here are some of the highlights:

– This is NOT official but I hear out of Arizona that the first day of ticket sales for WM26 saw between 35-40,000 tickets sold. This is not WWE info therefore it isn’t official. Might be a little low or a little high. But I’m guessing that it is close. As an idependent business man and dealing with the economy daily, those numbers seem strong to me. I think the event is slated for approximately 72,000 seats. Perhaps the official numbers will be updated this week.

– I’m a Ricky Hatton fan and as I said last week someone’s going down Monday night on RAW. Got to, right?

– Smart move by Jeff Hardy keeping mum and not talking to any of the media. Jeff must have a helluva lawyer.

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