WrestleMania Celebrity Returning to WWE?, Michelle McCool Not So Smart

Sources: PWInsider.com and The Sun

– Eric Sturrock sent the following: Michelle McCool was on Smarter Then a 5th grader. McCool fell back to $2,500 twice on the show. In the final question she had $12,000 going in. McCool went for the final question for $125,000 if she got it wrong she would fall down to $2,500. The question was “What Animal is featured on the great seal of the United States? McCool answered “The Great Seal”. The correct answer was The Bald Eagle. The show donated $2500 to the Make A Wish Foundation for her. Wasn’t McCool a school teacher?

– The UK Sun today reports that actor Mickey Rourke wants another shot with WWE. This time Rourke wants to wrestle. Apparently he wanted to wrestle Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 25 but a contract he had for Iron Man 2 filming prevented him from doing so.

Biographer Sandro Monetti, author of a new book about Rourke titled “Mickey Rourke: Wrestling with Demons” told the Sun:

“Mickey has great respect for WWE owner Vince McMahon and says he is the man who turned wrestling from a sport for fat guys in speedos to a contest for superfit athletes.”

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