WWE Stars Watch TNA iMPACT, Cena vs. Orton News and More

Source: F4Wonline.com

– Some within WWE who don’t usually watch TNA iMPACT tuned in this past Thursday night for the Hulk Hogan announcement and a few were said to be “shocked” and thought it was a horrible product. The feeling within WWE is that the Hogan signing isn’t a big deal and some are saying that Hogan and Eric Bischoff are going to “kill the company dead.”

– John Cena vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Title is being advertised for December live events, despite the Bragging Rights stipulation.

– Former Orlando Magic dancer Trinity had her first match in WWE developmental at the FCW tapings this past Thursday night. She teamed with Alex Riley to lose to Brett DiBiase and AJ Lee. She is now using the name Naomi Knight.

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