Hogan/Bischoff Getting Full Creative Control Over TNA?

Bubba The Love Sponge, Flordia radio host a close friend of Hogan’s, posted comments on his Twitter page concerning Hogan’s role in TNA.

Hogan is the boss. Period. Him and Eric biscoff will run the show. Things are going to get interesting. Vince is going to have a shit fit. The boss boss. No work. He wouldn’t go back to only be the work boss. He is the boss boss. Promise

When Bubba was asked what he meant by Hogan being the “boss”, he clarified by saying, “He is the Booker. Period. Saw it in his contract. Terry and Eric won’t make the same mistakes that they made at wcw.”




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  • Dan

    with hogan and eric in tna and full controll,expect the unexpected!too bad ted turners money is not available to support in financial terms.cant wait to see what happens.hehe,why not use the wcw theme for tna.cant wait to see vince beat himself up again for the sake of ratings!

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