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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 10/30/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results, WWE News
Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

– Thanks to our good friend Pat O’Bannon for these live spoilers from tonight’s WWE TV tapings in Rochester, New York:

Dark Match:

* defeated Paul Burchill

WWE SmackDown (Airing Friday):

* and Todd Grisham are on commentary this week.

* Teddy Long opens SmackDown and says and will have a “heart to heart” tonight. He announces as the #1 contender to the World Title and out comes . Long takes the trophy from Jericho and says it’s SmackDown property. Jericho says he deserves a World Title shot and out comes . says he was co-captain and he deserves the title shot. vs. Jericho is announced for tonight with the winner being added to the World Title match with Big Show and at .

* vs. is up next. Dolph cuts a promo before the match and botches the name of the last pay-per-view, calling it Bragging Point. wins by count out.

* Teddy Long is backstage with . comes in and says he should be in the main event at Survivor Series if it wasn’t for referee Scott Armstrong. Vince signs Punk vs. Armstrong for tonight.

* Jeanie Brooks debuts against . Beth wins in a quick squash.

* Lots of signs are being confiscated tonight from the fans.

* Vickie Guerrero comes out next and brings Eric Escobar with her. He wrestles and loses.

* The Batista & Rey Mysterio confrontation is up next.

* Rey Mysterio comes out and says Batista is his family and he wants to give Batista the benefit of the doubt. Rey says he wants to settle this like family and calls out Batista. Batista says he’s going to be the bigger man and let Rey leave the ring. Mysterio says he isn’t leaving. Rey says he never would have been in the Bragging Rights match if he knew this was going to happen. Batista gives Rey one more chance to leave the ring. Rey tells Batista to do what he has to do but he’s not leaving. Batista says all he’s thinking about is himself, drops the mic and walks off.

* Matt Hardy was shown backstage with Batista. Matt told Batista he (Batista) and Rey are brothers and Batista needs to re-think what he’s doing and don’t make mistakes. Batista walked away and came back to attack Matt from behind.

* comes out and congratulates SmackDown on their win at Bragging Rights. He says he didn’t want to be a part of the team because he’s making his own impact. vs. McIntyre is supposed to happen but never sdtarts. Finley went to get in the ring and Drew kicked him off the apron and beat him down on the floor. The referee sent McIntyre to the back and called off the match.

* Cryme Tyme’s Diva Halloween Costume contest is next. Layla is dressed as Michael Jackson. is a devil, Natalya is a matador, Mickie is Elektra. The Divas get mad at Mickie and they all start brawling. It comes down to Mickie and McCool. McCool laid out Mickie and left. Mickie won the costume contest.

* CM Punk vs. referee Scott Armstrong is up next. Armstrong is wearing his normal referee clothes and it looks weird with two refs in the ring. Punk wins the match quick with the GTS. Armstrong got in a few punches but not much offense.

* Kane vs. Chris Jericho is up next. They botched the finish when Kane went for a top rope clothesline. Jericho countered with a Codebreaker but missed and Kane just fell over and got pinned. Chris Jericho wins and joins Big Show and Undertaker in a World Title Triple Threat at Survivor Series.


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