Spoilers: ECW on SyFy Tapings – 10/27/2009

– Thanks to our good friend Pat O’Bannon for these live spoilers from tonight’s WWE TV tapings in Rochester, New York:

Dark Match:

* Goldust defeated Paul Burchill

ECW (Airing Tonight):

* A new announcer is on commentary with Josh Matthews. It’s Byron Sexton from developmental.

* The Abraham Washington Show opens ECW tonight. Tiffany is his special guest.

* Sheamus vs. Shelton Benjamin is set to take place with this being Sheamus’ last match on ECW. Out comes William Regal to interrupt. Regal wants a shot at the ECW Title. Tiffany says he won’t be getting a shot tonight. Regal flips out and destroys the set.

* Shelton Benjamin does a backstage interview. He says Sheamus is going to respect Shelton Benjamin after tonight.

* Sheamus defeats Shelton Benjamin with his finisher in a good match.

* Rosa Mendez and Gregory Helms are backstage. Rosa says she’s the new ECW Diva. Katie Lea and Paul Burchill interrupt and tells Rosa to leave. Burchill tells Helms he wants a match with The Hurricane next week.

* ECW Champion Christian is backstage. He says tonight Yoshi Tatsu will learn to cope with defeat.

* Christian defeated Yoshi Tatsu in a very good match that the crowd was totally into. Lots of near falls in this one. Christian got the win with the Killswitch. After the match, Vladimir Kozlov and Ezekiel Jackson come out to attack Christian and Yoshi. William Regal comes out to assist. Regal takes the ECW Title belt and stands over Christian posing to end this week’s ECW.