JR Blog: Health Update, Cena-Orton Iron Man Match and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog over on jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights:

– Miz defeating Morrison mildly surprised me and the former tag team partners had a solid start to the show and it put Raw in a dominating position with SD having to win two straight which I felt like added to the underlying story of Bragging Rights. Miz can now tell the world that he carried the banner for Raw while the “other guys dropped the ball.” Nice.

– A Jericho/Big Show vs. DX issue looms one would assume.

– Fatal 4 Ways can only have so many agendas and the biggest thing to come out of the World Title Match was the Batista-Mysterio issue which should make for some interesting Friday Night Smackdown. The big, disgruntled bully against the smaller underdog seems to be a dog that will hunt.

– I throughly enjoyed the 60 Minute Ironman Match and that was the match that I would have most loved to have participated in from an old school perspective. Cena and Orton rose to the occasion, in a physically demanding environment and told a magnificent story to bring the PPV to the close it needed. Loved the physicality and intensity as “going the hour” is a challenging piece of business. Cena is unquestionably and obviously the “Face of WWE” which is no revelation but was certainly reaffirmed Sunday night. Orton has raised his game to an extraordinary level and he’s still not nearly as good as he is going to be considering his age and what lies ahead for the third generation wrestler. That’s a scary thought.

– On a personal note, I am scheduled to get my MRI results late Monday afternoon of which I feel exprememly confident that I’ll get good news.