Desmond Wolfe Speaks on Being in TNA, Working with Angle and More

– The UK’s Daily Star has a new interview up with TNA star Desmond Wolfe, formerly known as Nigel McGuinness. Here are some highlights:

His new name: “Everyone is asking me where I got the name from – someone said Withnail and I – but Vince said he did an internet search of the most popular British names and came up with Desmond Wolfe!”

On working with Kurt Angle: “Who gets the opportunity to come in on their first day and beat up Angle, I mean that’s huge! Kurt has been great, just like everyone else – he’s really open to ideas. I said this in the pub the other night – if you’d have told me that I would be working Angle three weeks ago – I would have laughed, I guess that’s one of the wonderful things about life in general that it can happen – one door closes and another one opens. Talking to Kurt, well, just look at the guys he’s worked with; it’s a who’s who of legends. Austin, Rock – that’s the level he is at, and it can only benefit me.”

On ending up in TNA and reports of why WWE didn’t sign him: “I had a clean bill of health from my orthopaedic guy and my local doctor, so it’s not about that. I don’t hold against anything against them, it was a business decision, and they were only doing what they think is best for them. As for me, I am very eager to prove my worth. It means so much to me that Dixie, Terry and Kurt have faith in me, in my vocation and my work. I will repay that faith.”





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  • jon

    Who gets to come i on there first day and beat up kurt angle?

    2002 – John cena

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