TNA iMPACT Draws Low Viewers, Another Ex-WWE Star at BFG, Daniels

– Last Thursday’s “Super” edition of TNA iMPACT building up the Bound for Glory pay-per-view averaged 1.2 million viewers over the course of three hours. This is fewest number of viewers since the August 14, 2008 episode of iMPACT.

– In addition to Rob Van Dam, Brian Kendrick and Chuck Palumbo, Paul London was backstage at Sunday’s Bound for Glory event. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion lives in the area.

– Christopher Daniels posted a brief note on his Twitter account regarding Nigel McGuinness signing on with TNA earlier this week.

“Nigel McGuinness at TNA is their loss and our gain!! A good guy wins in the end!!” Daniels wrote.

He later posted a follow-up tweet responding to an article saying he was “gloating” about TNA swiping Nigel McGuinness from WWE.

“Hey PWTorch! I’m not gloating! I’m saying that if they had him and let (him) go, better for us. He’s someone that should have been signed long ago,” Daniels wrote.





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  • andrew

    TNA=losers who can’t make it, he belongs there, Danielson should be there as well

  • straightedgehardcore

    I don’t think kurt angle booker t or sting are losers who can’t make it

  • andrew

    At their age, yes, yes they are. TNA will be out od business by the end of 2010, that’s a FACT that my inside source there says. TNA wrestlers/fans=losers

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