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This Sunday WWE will present “Bragging Rights” live on PPV with a Raw vs. Smackdown concept and the show will actually take place in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. I won’t be attending the show live because of the outrageous ticket prices and the card isn’t exactly spectacular but the show will be a special event for Pittsburgh as Bragging Rights will probably be the last PPV at the Mellon Arena before a new arena opens in Pittsburgh next year. The Mellon Arena, which is known and will always be known as the “Civic Arena” locally in Pittsburgh has been the site of many famous wrestling moments, including Mick Foley’s famous flight off the top of the cell back in one of the most historic matches in wrestling history. As someone that has attended many events at the Mellon Arena, it’s a little sad that this weekend will probably be the last PPV in the building. Now, let’s discuss the card and pick some of the winners.

The Divas tag match is generic and I doubt the result of the match will really effect either brand. However, I want to take a second to discuss Melina, who recently returned to Raw. Melina returning to Raw is a good decision in my view because with Raw being the most viewed show of WWE programming, it will give Melina more exposure. It seems like Melina will be a major star in the WWE and her transition from being just a manager to an in ring competitor has really showed that she has the talent to be a star in the WWE for years in the future. As for a winner here, I will pick Team Raw but that is just a guess because as I said this match is generic so the outcome have a major effect on either brand.

The Miz vs. John Morrison match should be a solid match and it’s interesting to have the U.S. champion vs. the IC champion. As far as a winner, I’d expect the WWE to book the champion with the most potential to win the match. I’d say Morrison is the one with the most potential in this particular match and if he happens to make it to the main event level in the future, I’d expect him to have a title run similar to CM Punk where he would make a leap into the main event picture. The Miz has improved in the ring over the past year, however, I don’t see the Miz being anything more than a mid carder or at the most an upper mid carder in his career so I’ll pick Morrison to win the match.

The Iron Man match is actually the main reason I decided NOT to attend the live show because I really don’t want to pay at least $60 for a decent seat to see John Cena vs. Randy Orton AGAIN. More specifically, I don’t want to see Cena vs. Orton for an hour, which is approximately one third of the entire PPV. In my opinion, Orton vs. Cena is a very slow paced and quite frankly boring match, which I think is mostly due to Orton’s overly methodical style. As far as Cena’s role in the particular matches, if you’ve seen one of his matches with Orton, you’ve seen them all and there’s really be zero variation with the sequence of moves from Cena during a Cena/Orton match despite the various gimmick matches that have been booked throughout the feud. I just don’t understand how the WWE expects this to be a decent one hour match, even with the no DQ rules, I don’t know how Cena vs. Orton for an hour will be entertaining, but there’s always a chance the match at Bragging Rights could be the best of the series so we’ll have to wait and see when the PPV airs. To pick a winner here, I have to go with Cena because I just don’t see the WWE sending their most popular star off of Raw, which is the WWE’s most watched show. You also have to consider that Smackdown has been a wrestling based show over the past few months, where as Raw is more sports entertainment based so it would seem that Raw is a better show for John Cena.

The World Heavy Weight title match should be good and the unpredictability of the match could provide some good action. It’s tough to pick a winner because there’s four wrestlers in the match, but if the title is going to switch, I’d say that CM Punk would be the one to win it. I wouldn’t exactly be surprised if the Undertaker retains the title but at the same time, I don’t think the Undertaker really needs the title at this point in his career and Smackdown already had a young star to be champion with CM Punk so it will be interesting to see how long the Undertaker is the champion. Speaking of CM Punk, he is without a doubt the most over heel in the WWE right now and his heel promos have been some of the best in the WWE in the past few months. Considering how good Punk is on the mic and in the ring, hopefully he will remain in the main event picture on Smackdown. As for a winner here, I’ll pick the Undertaker to retain the title because I don’t think there will be a title switch until Survivor Series.

The main event is Team Raw vs. Team Smackdown and this appears to be another generic tag match on the card, only with a lot of star power in the match, but I really don’t expect much to be accomplished in this match in terms of storylines, The reason I say this is because I expect there to be some type of DQ or something so that there isn’t a direct winner. The main reason I doubt there will be a direct winner is because I doubt the WWE wants to make either brand look weak so they will book some type of finish to make the brands look equal. As a total guess, I’ll pick Team Raw to win since Triple H is on Team Raw and we all know that Triple H doesn’t usually get pinned at PPVs.

Overall, it seems as though Bragging Rights has the potential to be a good PPV but it could be really hit or miss in terms of it being a good show.

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