Details Beginning To Surface On Shane McMahon’s Depature

We’ve received more details on Shane McMahon’s departure from the WWE. The departure is legitimate and not a WWE storyline. The departure also came as a “shock” to many WWE employees, even to those close to Vince McMahon.  The fact that WWE sent out a press release indicates that Shane is actually leaving the company.

There is still a lot of speculation over why Shane McMahon left. A number of theories exists. Some people believe Shane McMahon may be interested in joining an MMA promotion or perhaps even starting his own. Shane has approached Vince several times in the past about branching out into MMA and Vince has always been opposed to the idea.

Another theory for Shane’s departure is that Shane may want to help his mother Linda during her campaign for U.S. Senate. A number of WWE employees feel that this is the real reason why Shane stepped down. WWE shareholders may get upset if Shane didn’t fulfill his duties to the company if he was spending his time helping his mother campaign.

As always, we’ll keep you updated when more details become known.