Speculation On Why Shane McMahon Left WWE

Not many details have surfaced as to why Shane McMahon has left the WWE. Rumors about his departure started circulating last night.

According to PWTorch.com, it’s possible that Shane sees an opportunity to innovate else where and bring something new to the entertainment industry. Shane and WWE have been vague on what lies in Shane’s future, but Shane feels there is a better opportunity to contribute elsewhere rather than in WWE.

Shane is nearing that mid-life crisis point of 40-years-old and it’s apparent Shane has a desire to branch out on his own. In his last statement, Shane stated that he never envisioned leaving WWE since he’s a McMahon. Shane simply found a new avenue to fulfill his need for creativity and innovation that wasn’t being filled in WWE.

Additionally, Shane has been wanting to move into mixed martial arts for years now, but those plans were rejected by Vince.




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  • jason

    shane may be starting a new wrestling organization

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