Ted DiBiase Sr. Discusses WWE Programming, His Faith, Vince, and More

Ted DiBiase issued the following statement on WorldWrestlingInsanity.com in regard to comments Paul Roma recently made about him:

In response to Paul Roma,

I told many people about the wrong things I did, I even wrote a book about it. That’s something everybody knows. I also have been very vocal about a lot of the WWE programming in the past. And, yes, when I went back to work for them, they were well aware of my objections to some of the programming. But what I realized as a Christian is this, if I’m genuinely going to make a difference in the world and try to impact others with what I’ve found in Christ, then I can’t do it sitting in church praying about it. I have to be visible in the market place. I went back to the WWE to show them the difference in who I am now and to try to make a difference. You can’t promote change standing on the sidelines. So I went back. The truth is, the WWE has changed incredibly since my wrestling days. The work schedule is not as demanding overall, and the compensation is much better. Also, a state of the art drug testing policy brings accountability into the business that wasn’t there before. People getting into the WWE now, know that there is zero tolerance for steroid and drug abuse. If I hadn’t seen the changes I would never have given my son my blessing to go into the business. The programming, by the way, is once again, totally PG rated.

The truth is, I’m still very much sold out to Jesus Christ. I don’t think Vince McMahon is evil or the devil. I think he’s a very shrewd business man. He’s also the guy responsible for the unbelievable fan base that professional wrestling enjoys today on a world wide scale.

Please tell Paul Roma that’s he’s got it wrong all the way around, including how much I’m paid for going back and making an appearance. And the Million Dollar Man, well, that would be my son in the not so distant future!!

Ted DiBiase




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  • Kellie

    Way to go, Mr. DiBiase. Although I don’t really watch wrestling anymore, I was an avid fan of yours, especially during the Mid-South era (Shreveport) and WWF. I totally admire you for standing up for Christianity. I am a recovering alcoholic, now sober for almost a year. I really enjoyed reading your book. In May of 2007, I survived a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. The bullet pierced my left lung, the upper colon, my spleen was removed and the liver was punctured front to back, and the bullet exited my left side. The drs. said I only survived by a divine miracle. It took me a while, but finally came to sobriety. I really feel sorry for those who don’t understand Jesus Christ. I know now He has a plan for my life, and I am so grateful He gave me another chance – the chance to set the example and send the message that our lives can be turned around with His help. I admire you for standing up and admitting making mistakes like I have, and knowing that Jesus Christ loves and forgives, and never leaves us. Keep up the good work, my friend in Christ.

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