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Spoilers: WWE SmackDown Tapings – 10/16/2009

Posted by Marc Middleton in SmackDown! Results, WWE News
Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

– Thanks to Adam Parker and PWInsider for these live SmackDown spoilers for this week’s show:

* The Dirt Sheet returns on the shows tonight.

* is not at the show. I think it’s Todd Grisham and on commentary.

* Kane comes out and says “Your team? We need to talk” to Chris Jericho. He says he is the new co-captain of team Smackdown. Jericho says, “Of course you are, I was thinking the same thing” and tries to put Kane over. Kane says that as far as he is concerned, the book and can all go up in flames.

* vs. vs. for a spot on Team Smackdown at was up next. Ziggler actually got a pop. Ziggler pinned Knox after and Knox hit in the air on a cross body while had the shillelagh in his hands.

* In a tag team Bragging Rights qualifier match, Cryme Tyme beat The Hart Dynasty when pinned Tyson Kidd. Cryme Tyme is on Team Smackdown at the PPV.

* Chris Jericho, with , came and said that there will be three Raw vs. Smackdown
matches at the PPV and he can’t count on Morrison winning so Jericho asks if he can count on McCool winning her match. McCool says she can beat anyone at any time. walked in and said she has a better chance of beating a Raw diva. McCool went to leave and brushed into , who told her she won’t be keeping her title for long.

* CM Punk walked into and said that the Fatal Fourway at the PPV is unfair. Vince agreed and said that he really liked the idea. Punk had last week so he’s making a match for next week: Punk vs. Taker in a submission match with Scott Armstrong as the ref and Teddy Long at ringside.

* Before a Bragging Rights qualifying match, Tony Chimmel introduced Vickie Guerrero. She got a ton of heat, you could barely hear her. She introduced Eric Escobar and as soon as she said his name, people stopped booing and just sat down. Wow. His opponent is , to a big pop. Escobar won after Vickie distracted the ref, rammed Hardy into the turnbuckle and rolled him up. After the match the happy couple posed in the ring.

* They aired a commercial for the new DVD, which comes out this Tuesday.

* and had a really good Dirt Sheet, which ended with a stare-down and Miz backing down and leaving.

* An R Truth- promo, followed by Truth walking backstage was next. They met in a match to determine the last spot on Team Smackdown for the PPV. McIntyre won via countout after he threw Truth back-first in to the ringside steps.

* We went backstage with and Batista. Batista said that he isn’t sure about his match against Rey because they are like brothers. Batista said that they will both have to do what is needed to win at the PPV. Rey said that this is one time he wishes they could team up, but with Punk being so jaded it shouldn’t be too hard and The , well Rey reminded us that he is a former champ and can do what it takes to win.

* Taker appeared in the Tron. To paraphrase, he said it has been said that history has a way of repeating itself but not in my yard. Teddy Long, Scott Armstrong and Punk are all tempting fate in trying to take the title from Hell’s grip. Once you enter Hell’s Gate, there is and at Bragging Rights Punk, I will take your soul, but next week in their match he will read Punk his last rights.

* Rey vs. Batista is up next. Rey hit the 619 on Dave, then jumped off of the outside rope onto his shoulders, Dave went for a Batista Bomb but Rey turned it into a hurricanrana and got the win. After the match they celebrated together and hugged then Rey pandered to the crowd.

* Batista left the ring and Rey stood on top of the different ring posts posing. Punk came out and hit Rey. Batista came out and made the save. Batista picked Rey up and they left together, posing on the stage.


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