JR Blog: RAW Thoughts, HHH vs. Cena, Bragging Rights, More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Here are ome of the highlights:

— One element that I really enjoyed regarding Raw was the various “hooks” that were utilized to keep me tuned in and to not channel surf as much during the commercial breaks. In my opinion, every episodically produced TV show, wrestling or otherwise, should do all they can to keep their audience emotionally invested from segment to segment but to also promote “next week.” Getting a TV audience to think “next week” is a huge matter when producing weekly, episodic TV.

— At least I know that next week’s Raw main event will be HHH vs. Cena. Billboarding “next week” just seems to be a “must do” for any show that is episodically produced.

— Jerry Lawler’s efforts to become Mayor of Memphis culminates this Thursday with the elections in The King’s hometown. I know that Jerry has worked diligently in his campaign on little funds but his journey has become particularly an uphill one for him the past several weeks. I have read where some locals in Memphis feel that the city will never elect another Caucasian Mayor due to the fact that the city is 70% African American. I don’t know if that is a true statement or not but race should not play a factor in electing one’s political leaders but, as most know, it sometimes does. I think the Memphis news media honestly wants a “politician” to be elected Mayor as it may make for better copy as the good, old boy system will be perpetuated which always makes for a potentially good headline. Better “dirt” if you will.

— So Bragging Rights will have a 7 on 7 tag featuring SD vs. Raw, not the video game, superstars….thanks for coming ECW. 🙂 By the looks of the Raw 7 and who from SD are already obligated in a Fatal Four Way, Undertaker, Batista, Rey Mysterio and C.M. Punk, one could surmise that the Raw team is loaded and heavily favored…..much like Texas is against the Sooners on Saturday.

— I did like the news of a Bragging Rights bout between Miz and Morrison which assume will not feature either’s championship. This should be an excellent match especially if the mat aspect of it is a focused. Nice addition to the PPV from Pittsburgh which is one of my favorite towns in addition to being the wife’s hometown. I wonder how many more WWE events will be held in the old, Igloo aka Mellon Arena, before the new place is completed. Probably not too many.