JR Blog: RAW vs. SmackDown at Bragging Rights, War Games and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some of the highlights:

– Speaking of Austin, his new film “Damaged” debuted at #5 at the I-Tunes UK store and #3 on the overall DVD sales at HMV which is the biggest retailer in the UK. That’s a great start for “Damaged” and I encourage you to check it out when it becomes available in your neck of the woods. Steve is apparently going to start filming another movie in Vancouver in the next few weeks. He’s a busy “Texas Rattlesnake.”

– I read on line where WWE was kicking around the “War Games” theme for a possible return to PPV. I think that’s a good idea as the traditional “War Games” concept was two teams of five and the bad guys winning every coin toss in existence which allowed them to always start with a 2 on 1 advantage. No, I don’t endorse that “every match be a War Games match” but I do think that it makes for a cool theme name and having one “War Games” bout would be marketable if the table was set correctly with the right talents that all had organic reasons to be “teammates.” Please read this carefully and don’t go into business for yourself inasmuch as I’m saying that this is going to happen but that it was merely something that I read being discussed on line and we all know all those things can be at times.

– How many Raw vs. Smackdown bouts will there end up being at Bragging Rights? I don’t have the answer but I’m assuming just one or maybe two and the second one could even be a Divas bout. Again, that’s individual speculation as the only thing that I’ve heard is a big, Raw vs. Smackdown tag bout which will likely be a focus of Raw and SD this week. It’s hard to believe that there is another PPV in just a couple of weeks. These three week turnarounds from PPV to PPV are like NASCAR pit stops.

– We’ve gotten many emails about why WWE is changing so many of their PPV names. I haven’t been consulted nor am I complaining about such but obviously it’s with the thought of better marketing upcoming PPV events and therefore increasing the # of PPV buys these events garner. I would be surprised if any of the old school originals are changed but I see no issue in re-branding some of the other lesser tenured PPV’s.

– My wife Jan deserves to be anointed a Saint as she has been married to me for 16 years on Monday. I was sitting next to Ric Flair on a US Airways flight many years ago and my now bride was our flight attendant. Fate is a wonderful thing.