The Two Sheds Review: New Jack – YouShoot

THE TWO SHEDS REVIEW by Julian Radbourne
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A few years ago I had the privilege to review one of the best wrestling documentaries of the past ten years, Michael Moody’s 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler. Many have described it as the best thing since Beyond the Mat, and rightfully so. But the highlight for many the segments featuring former ECW star New Jack. In fact, they were so well received that Moody later made a documentary dedicated to the man himself, New Jack: Hardcore.

Well, New Jack is back, but this time he’s in slightly different surroundings, talking to Sean Oliver in the latest of Kayfabe Commentaries’ YouShoot series.

So what the hell is YouShoot, I hear you ask. Well a YouShoot interview is basically a shoot interview, but with a difference – the subject doesn’t answer questions from an interviewer, oh no. This time, it’s we mere mortals, the fans, who get to pose the questions.

New Jack is the perfect choice for an exercise like this, and while he may have a somewhat questionable reputation in the eyes of some people, as a guest he’s interview gold. He not only comes across as a straight talking kind of guy, but as the kind of guy you’d readily go out for a drink with.

Jack basically tells it like it is, and more often than not he adds a humorous slant to everything he says, no matter how serious the subject matter is. In fact I’d go as far as saying that New Jack could perhaps be the most entertaining talker in the history of professional.

And in case you’re wondering, there are some questions asked about some of the controversial incidents in his career, with the names of Mass Transit and Vic Grimes being mentioned.

It really is great listening to Jack talk about his exploits in the wrestling business, and if you’re wondering if you should get this release, then do so, because as the old saying goes you won’t be disappointed.