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WrestleScoop Readers,

I’ve made the executive decision to eliminate those annoying “popping ads” from appearing on  Enough is simply enough.  I never noticed the ads since I use Firefox and Google Chrome as my browser and those browsers are “immune” to the “popping effect.”  The ads simply stay where they are placed in those browsers, which is what I thought was supposed to happen.

However, if you were one of the 40% of our visitors who browse the site using Internet Explorer (which is strongly discourage — use Firefox or Chrome), you were affected by the ads that open up on the screen screen — not to be confused with “pop-up ads” (ads that open up in a new window), which WrestleScoop has never turned to.

Now our site is truly 100% pop-up free.  You will never see an ad pop-up in another window, an ad pop up on your screen, a full-page ad that covers your screen that you have to click to exit (known as an interstitial), or ads that pop up when you move your mouse moves over certain text (known as an inline text ad).

Our site will be 100% free from these annoying ads.

We ask that you make WrestleScoop your #1 wrestling site destination and continue to visit and support our site.  Thank you for visiting and I hope your browsing experience is much more enjoyable now.

Keeping it real always,

Vegas Martin



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  • bpod

    Just wondering wether your site noticed that some idiot posted that piper had died yesterday 8th oct on his wiki profile.

  • shaan

    yea kool finally

  • Kenn (MKK)

    Cheers Vegas.

  • Carlos08

    Thanks so much!! Those things were annoying.. Now my visits to this site will be worth while!!


    Mr. Vegas Martin,
    I just want to be the first to say, “Thank you”!!! I am soooo happy!!! No more annoying pop-ads that nobody cares to even click on. Thank you my friend.
    I have plugged on my wrestling shows. I have 2 shows 1 is= and the other is
    I will continue to plug your site and remind everyone of the cool people that represent this awesome site which i am a big fan of.
    Once again, thank you so much and have a nice day.

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