No Way Out PPV Name Change, Warrior On, ECW Rating

— WWE has changed the name of its February pay-per-view from No Way Ouut to the Elimination Chamber. The name was updated on’s upcoming pay-per-view list.

— WWE has added The Ultimate Warrior to the Alumni section on their website. Looks like there’s no heat over the lawsuit that occurred just weeks ago.

— This week’s edition of ECW on SyFy scored a 1.05 rating.




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  • Jackson

    Why did people vote for anything else other than No Way Out. Pretty soon Royal Rumble will be changed to Over The Top Rope.

  • Vegas Martin

    Hahahahahaha. Well said Jackson. I think the name change is stupid myself. There is no need for the name change. No Way Out is much better. Every time they change a PPV name, the tradition and history of the company is lost.

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