Mick Foley Jokes About Dating Awesome Kong

Mick Foley recently blogged joking that he took Awesome Kong as his date to a Tori Amos concert in Dusseldorf last weekend while the crew toured Germany. Here is what Foley wrote:

I know there are rumors circulating around that I sang a German love song to Kong after the show in Hannover in an attempt to woo her away from Brother Devon, with whom she had shared an extended lip lock during the main event match-up. And I know that, in an attempt to heal my emotional pain, Ms Velvet Sky engaged me in a spirited game of ‘motorboat’ and that I declared undying love to each of her breasts. BUT OTHER THAN THAT; i BELIEVE MY BEHAVIOR ON THIS TRIP HAS BEEN EXEMPLARY. I hope some of you get reports about the main event in Hannover, because it truly was one of the most fun matches I’ve been involved with.