JR Blog: Steve Austin’s New Movie, Future Guest Hosts on RAW and More

Jim Ross is back with another blog on jrsbarbq.com. Some highlights:

– Got an email from old pal Steve Austin late last night. He’s in the UK promoting his next film “Damage” which will be released imminently on DVD. I’ve seen the trailer and liked what I saw and plan on supporting Steve by purchasing this action packed, fight filled film when it becomes available. Many Austin fans waited some 13 hours to be a part of a signing there this week. Steve also detailed seeing his first soccer game in person and he told me that he had a blast and had a better understanding and appreciation for the game.

– 75K is the asking price for Ric Flair’s coveted NWA World Title Belt? Wow…good luck on getting that number to the party selling the treasure. This is not a positive development in the big picture, at least in my humble opinion, and it quite frankly makes me sad. But it is also none of my business.

– I’m happy to hear that the early week reports regarding the severity of Rowdy Roddy Piper’s illness were erroneous and that Rod is on his way to feeling much better. One of my fondest memories is having dinner at WM25 with Roddy and Ric Flair, among other pals, and listening to the stories. If a camera had been rolling we would have had “Gold, Jerry, Gold!” Feel better Hot Rod.

– I’ve heard of some big names that are likely candidates to host Monday Night Raw in coming weeks and many are most intriguing. It looks as if WWE is committed to this process of having a guest celeb from some walk of life host the company’s top TV priority as an avenue for the host to promote their own products or agendas. I thought Big Ben did a solid job Monday night and from what I was told by those that were in Wilkes-Barre that the Steelers QB and his O-Line had a blast. I would estimate that Roethlisberger signed at least 100 pieces of swag for WWE personnel while he was at Raw.