What Happened After Last Night’s RAW, Dark Match from RAW, and More

Thanks to Neil Trama and F4Wonline.com for these live notes from last night’s RAW:
I just got back from the live Raw in Wilkes Barre, PA and thought I’d send along some notes.
Dark Match: Jamie Noble beat Heath Slater with a sunset flip

Post Show: DX and the Steelers celebrated at ringside with the fans. Did a lot of hand shaking and posing but that was all. Justin Roberts wished us goodnight.

Not a ton of stuff happened but it was a very fun show. I’ve been to every WWE show in this arena since they started coming in 2002 and this was among the best shows live. No real dull spots and the crowd was very into it. Can’t speak for the rest of the country but our crowds were always filled with backwards nostalgic Attitude era fans (lots of old Austin/nWo/Rock shirts, “what” chants, etc.) but tonight was almost all kids with their parents and fans who seemed really into today’s product, which was nice to see.
A kid got hurt going for Cena’s cap. I didn’t see the injury happen but I was told he tried running down from the 100 level to ringside to get it, tripped, and fell down the stairs. He had to be stretchered out during the Swagger/Primo match.

Biggest pops: Cena, DX, Jeff Hardy in the video packages
Biggest heat: Ben Roethlisberger’s introduction (didn’t get booed again after his first time out,) The Miz, CM Punk on video packages (maybe the crowd didn’t like the way he was dressed.) Orton and JeriShow also got great heat from the fans you’d expect to boo them but they also got a good amount of both “we’re cool and cheer heels” cheers and “we know you’re a bad guy but you’re also a big star so yay that you’re in our hick town” reactions.