Full Results from WWE’s Hell in a Cell PPV

WWE Hell in a Cell 2009
Newark, New Jersey
October 4th, 2009

WWE’s first-ever Hell in a Cell pay-per-view opens up with a video package hyping the Cell matches. We go to the arena as the pyro explodes and Michael Cole welcomes us to the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. We see the massive Cell structure hanging above the ring. Cole and Jerry Lawler hype the RAW brand matches before we go to Jim Ross and Todd Grisham for hype on the SmackDown matches tonight.

Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Title: CM Punk vs. The Undertaker

Tonight’s first match will be inside the Cell for the World Heavyweight Title. We get a long video package showing events leading to this match and then the Cell is lowered over the ring. Out first is the World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk.

Punk comes out to some boo’s and enters the Cell for the first time. The bells toll and out comes The Undertaker with his grand entrance. Taker finally enters the Cell and slams the door shut behind him as we get ready to start the match.

Punk tries to stay away from the Undertaker at the outset of the match, hitting him with a couple of quick strikes before bailing to the floor. Undertaker follows Punk to the outside and sends him into the cage multiple times, sending him crashing headfirst into the cell wall. Undertaker props Punk up in the corner of the cell and pounds on him for a little bit before sending him head first into the cage yet again.

Taker sends Punk back into the ring, but things spill outside again when Undertaker boots Punk off the apron into the cell wall. On the floor, Taker goes after Punk, but Punk dropkicks the steel stairs into Taker’s knees, sending him down. Punk continues to work over Taker’s legs, stomping away. The crowd starts a dueling Undertaker/CM Punk chant as Punk tries to wrap Taker’s leg around the ring post. Taker fights out though, and Punk and Taker fight on the apron. Punk hits the running knee, but when he tries for the bulldog off the apron, Taker holds on and shoves Punk into the cage.

Taker hits the big leg drop on the apron and both men are on the floor again. Taker rolls Punk back in the ring and attempts to follow, but Punk kicks Taker back into the cage wall and follows after him with a suicide dive and both men are down.

Punk is first to his feet and he quickly sends Undertaker back into the ring. Punk and Taker fight each other while on their knees, neither man gaining a true advantage. When they make their way back to their feet, Taker gets the advantage with a couple of quick punches and he tries for the Tombstone, but Punk fights out. Taker continues to dominate Punk and even scores a near fall, but he can’t keep Punk down. Taker tries for the chokeslam, but Punk targets the knee again and tries for the G2S, Taker counters into tombstone position, but Punk counters out and attacks the legs yet again.

Punk goes under the ring and grabs a chair, back in the ring he swings for the fences and cracks Taker over the head. Punk goes for the pin but he can only get a two count. Undertaker pulls himself up in the corner just in time to get caught with a running knee, but Taker holds on to Punk and hits him with a big Last Ride, but Punk kicks out!

Taker picks Punk off the mat and goes for Old School, but Punk catches Taker with a kick as he comes off the top rope. Punk goes for a quick set of pins, but he can’t keep Taker down for more than two. Punk looks to be getting frustrated as he goes for the steel chair. Punk charges Taker in the corner, but Taker gets his boot up and sends the chair back into Punk. Taker hits a big chokeslam and signals for the tombstone. Taker connects with the tombstone, pins Punk, and we have a new World Heavyweight Champion.

Winner and New WWE Heavyweight Champion: The Undertaker

– After the match, the Cell is lifted back up and the lights go out as The Undertaker celebrates with his World Heavyweight Title. Jim Ross says this is the first time the World Title has switched hands inside the Cell.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Dolph Ziggler vs. John Morrison

We go right to the next match and it’s for the WWE Intercontinental Title. Out first is the Champion, John Morrison to a nice pop. Out next is the challenger Dolph Ziggler.

Both guys talk trash to each other before locking up. Morrison takes Ziggler to the mat and the two start some serious ground wrestling, trying to tie each other up with various pins and submissions. Ziggler makes his way to the ropes, causing a break, and both men are back to their feet.

Ziggler catches Morrison with a punch to the face, and he takes him down to the mat, locking in a front face lock. Morrison makes his way back to his feet and sends Ziggler into the ropes, but he quickly falls victim to a shoulder block, it’s not long before Morrison comes back with a beautiful dropkick though. Morrison hits his break-dance-y leg drop before locking in a modified sleeper.

Ziggler fights back and locks in a sleeper of his own, taking Morrison down to the mat and applying pressure. Morrison tries to fight out, but Ziggler takes him back down to the mat and switches things up into a front face lock.

Morrison finally fights out before tripping up Ziggler and hitting a big springboard cross body. Morrison goes for the Star Ship Pain, but Ziggler moves out of the way and goes for a quick cover. Morrison kicks out at two, and Ziggler goes for his high impact elbow drop.

Ziggler locks in another modified sleeper, but Morrison fights out and catches Ziggler with a big European uppercut. Morrison tries to follow up, but Ziggler hits him with a power slam and a quick running neckbreaker. Ziggler chokes Morrison on the bottom rope, using the five count to his advantage. Ziggler sends Morrison into the corner and follows up with a big splash. Ziggler tries for another pin, but he can’t keep Morrison down. Ziggler starts to get a bit frustrated and pounds away on Morrison, but he still can’t keep John Morrison down for the three.

Ziggler hits a couple of impressive fireman’s carry takeovers, but while going for a big move, Morrison counters into a DDT and both men are down. They get to their feet at about the same time and square off with punches, with Morrison getting the advantage. Morrison hits a big standing shooting star press, but again, it’s not enough to keep Ziggler down. Ziggler rolls up Morrison and grabs the ropes but the ref sees it and doesn’t allow it. Morrison gets a roll up of his own, but can’t hold Ziggler down.

Morrison and Ziggler duke it out on the top turnbuckle. Morrison jumps off the top rope, and Ziggler tries for something, but Morrison grabs his legs instead and catapaults him into the corner turnbuckle. Morrison goes for his springboard kick, but he misses and Ziggler hits a big German suplex for a quick near fall.

Ziggler is up first and he hits a big rocker dropper, but again it’s only good for a near fall. Ziggler charges Morrison in the corner, but Morrison gets his feet up. Morrison goes for Star Ship Pain, but Ziggler sees it coming and launches Morrison across the ring instead. Ziggler tries for the Zig Zag, but Morrison holds on to the ropes and hits Ziggler with a big kick to the head. Morrison follows up with his finisher, Star Ship Pain, and pins Ziggler for the three.

Winner: John Morrison

– Josh Matthews is backstage with Batista and Matthews tries to introduce his partner, but Batista interrupts and introduces Mysterio himself. Matthews asks the two men if they will be able to re-create the magic from a couple of years ago when they won the tag titles. Mysterio says they’re not re-creating anything, they’re reuniting. Mysterio says a few months ago, Jericho tried to take away his make, but tonight, he and Batista can and will take away the Unified Tag Team Titles. Batista says JeriShow says they’re the greatest tag team in history, but they’ve never beat Batista and Mysterio. Tonight, Batista says we’ll see new Tag Team Champs.

– We see some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the crowd dancing before we go to a preview of their new video game, which is sponsoring the pay-per-view tonight.

WWE Divas Title Match: Mickie James vs. Alicia Fox

The next match is for the WWE Divas Title and out first comes the challenger, Alicia Fox. Mickie James is out next to a nice pop from the crowd.

Alicia goes to work on Mickie’s arm, but James counters out with a cartwheel and a leg sweep. James in tuen goes to work on Fox’s arm, hitting Fox with a monkey flip when she tries to counter out. Mickie hits a snap mare and follows it up with a low dropkick that’s only good for a one count.

Mickie hits a neckbreaker and goes up to the top rope, but Fox is right there, sweeping her off the second turnbuckle and down to the mat. Fox pulls Mickie’s hair and uses as much of the five count as she can. Mickie tries to fight back, but Fox hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before locking in a body scissors.

Mickie connect with a couple of big forearms to Fox’s head and begins to mount her comeback. Fox charges James in the corner, but Mickie stops her and hits a hurricarana. Mickie goes back to the top and hits a Thesz press. Mickie tries for a DDT, but Fox fights back and counters with a Northern Lights suplex. Fox goes for the scissors kick, but she misses and Mickie connects with her big DDT. James pins Fox, and gets the three count.

Winner: Mickie James

WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: Big Show and Chris Jericho vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio

Out first for the next match are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and Big Show. They make their way to the ring before Batista is out next and his partner, the returning Rey Mysterio.

Mysterio and Jericho start things out for their teams, with Jericho getting the advantage right off the bat. When Jericho sends Mysterio into the ropes though, he caught with an arm drag and monkey flip. Mysterio goes for the 619 early, but Jericho moves and Rey connects with a standing Lionsault instead. Batista tags in and immediately begins pounding on Jericho.

Batista doesn’t stay in the ring long, just long enough to hit a couple of shoulder blocks in the corner, and tag Mysterio back in. Mysterio comes in, hits a quick flurry of offense, and tags right back out to Batista who comes in and hits Jericho with a big suplex. Batista and Mysterio connect with an impressive double team splash, with Mysterio leaping off Batista’s shoulders. Jericho finally makes the tag, and it’s Mysterio and Show.

Mysterio goes after the Big Show’s legs, but Show picks up Mysterio by the next and sends him to the mat. Big Show steps on Mysterio’s stomach, and sends him to the floor with a big chop to the chest while Mysterio sits on the top turnbuckle.

Show brings Mysterio back into the ring, from the ring floor, with one hand, and takes Mysterio down to the mat. Jericho tags back into the match and he slingshots Mysterio between the bottom two ropes. Mysterio locks in a modified half nelson, but Mysterio fights out and connects with an enzugiri. Mysterio tries for another 619, but it’s a trap by Jericho, who hits Mysterio with a big lariat.

Mysterio and Jericho go up to the top turnbuckle, where Jericho goes for Mysterio’s mask, but Mysterio fights out, sends Jericho to the mat, and follows up with a sit down senton. Mysterio tags in Batista, who comes in a cleans house on Jericho before sending Big Show down to the floor. Jericho tries for a crossbody, but Batista catches him. Jericho fights out but immediately falls victim to a spear. Batista teases the bomb, but Big Show makes his way into the ring. Batista sends Jericho into Show and follows up with a spinebuster, but it’s only good for two. Show distracts Batista and Jericho hits a code breaker, but again, it’s only good for a near fall.

Jericho tags out to Big Show who comes in and starts stomping away at Batista. Big Show tries for a leg drop, but Batista rolls out of the way. Both men make their way to their feet and Batista hits Show with a couple of right hands. Show connects with a choke slam out of nowhere, but Mysterio breaks up the pin attempt with a springboard splash.

Jericho tags back in and tries for a lionsault, but Batista rolls out of the way. Batista makes the hot tag, and Jericho tags in Show. Mysterio uses his speed to try and take Big Show off his feet. Mysterio stands on the top rope and hits a big time DDT, but he can’t keep Big Show down for the three. Mysterio sends Show to the outside with a low bridge and sets up Jericho for the 619. Jericho moves and Mysterio connects with Show. Mysterio back drops Jericho on top of show and Batista hits both men with a big spear. Show makes his way back in the ring where he’s caught with a 619, but when Mysterio comes off the top rope, Show connects with a big right hand. Show pins Mysterio for the win.

Winners: Big Show and Chris Jericho

– We get a long video package showing events leading to tonight’s Hell in a Cell match between Randy Orton and John Cena for the WWE Title.

Hell in a Cell for the WWE Title: John Cena vs. Randy Orton

The Cell has been lowered over the ring and Voices starts playing as Randy Orton makes his way out to the ring. Orton enters the Cell and out comes WWE Champion John Cena to a mixed reaction. Center enters the Cell for the first time ever on pay-per-view. The bell rings and we get formal introductions.

Cena and Orton start things out with punches, and Orton immediately bails to the floor to try and escape the cell. Back in the ring, Orton catches Cena off guard and stomps away at him.

Cena fights back and tries for the AA, but Orton fights out and connects with a scoop slam for a quick near fall. Cena starts to fights back with rights hands, and hits a shoulder block, but he goes to the well once too often and when he tries again, Orton ducks and Cena crashes and burns. Cena pulls himself up on the apron and Orton quickly launches him off into the cell wall.

Orton grinds Cena’s face into the cell, burying his knee in Cena’s back and pushing his face into the cell wall. Orton tries to send Cena face first into the cage, but Cena fights back and picks Orton up in scoop slam position. Cena slams Orton into the cage twice, shoulders Orton and tries to ram him into the cage, but Orton fights out and pushes Cena into the steel stairs. Orton stomps at Cena’s wrist while it’s on the stairs before doing the same with Cena’s head.

Orton picks up stairs and throws them into the ring (although they almost fall back on his head). Orton climbs in the ring, and positions the stairs. Cena climbs to the apron and Orton grabs him for the rope assisted DDT on to the stiars. Cena counters thought, by putting his hands down, and he sends Orton to the floor with a back body drop over the ropes. Cena picks up the stairs and throws them over the ropes at Orton, but Orton ducks out of the way and the stairs connects with the cell. Back in the ring, Cena tries to maintain his advantage, but he quickly falls victim to the Orton backbreaker.

Orton charges Cena in the corner, but Cena gets his boot up. Cena connects with a couple of shoulder blocks and a side belly to back suplex before going for the five knuckle shuffle. Cena goes for the AA, but Orton grabs the ropes and reverses. Orton climbs back in the ring and hits the rope assisted DDT and both men are down.

Orton tries for a cover, but Cena kicks out at two. Orton begins his RKO set-up of pounding his fists on the mat. Orton tries for the RKO, but Cena counters straight into the AA. Cena goes for the pin, but Orton kicks out. Cena puts Orton on the top turnbuckle, and he goes for a top rope AA, but Orton counters with an electric chair drop instead. Orton tries for a cover, but again Cena kicks out at two. Orton punches at Cena, who’s standing on the apron, before slamming his head into the turnbuckle. Orton pulls Cena up to the top turnbuckle and tries for the superplex, but Cena fights it off. We get a Greco-Roman knuckle lock on the top rope and Cena gets the advantage. Cena tries for a top rope rocker dropper, but Orton moves out of the way and Cena crashes and burns yet again.

Orton goes under the ring to grab a chair and he slowly makes his way back into the ring. Cena jams the chair down into the back of Cena’s neck before rolling him over and hitting the front of Cena’s neck. Orton goes for another pin, but he only scores a near fall.

Orton tries for a chair assisted knee drop, but Cena moves and Orton connects with the chair. Cena locks in the STF, and even though Orton makes it to the ropes, Cena isn’t forced to break the hold. Orton eventually works his way out of the hold by crawling under the bottom rope. Orton launches Cena into the ref, and Cena locks in another STF. Orton taps, but the official is still out, so he can’t make the call. Cena tries to revive the ref, but he turns around right into an RKO, but Cena kicks out at two.

Orton traps Cena’s arms in the ropes, and Orton locks in a sleeper hold. Cena looks to be fading quickly, and he looks to be out when Orton releases the hold. The ref helps Cena out of the ropes, but Cena just falls face first to the mat. Orton punts Cena in the side of the head, and he covers Cena for the three count. Too bad the punt kick was a huge botch.

Winner and New WWE Champion: Randy Orton

– After the match, Randy Orton takes his WWE Title belt up the ramp and stares back at the ring while John Cena tries to get to his feet. Cole and Lawler try to say Orton didn’t have all the power in that leg for the punt and it’s a good thing he didn’t or John Cena wouldn’t be standing right now. We go to a WWE DVD promo.

– Josh Matthews is backstage with R-Truth, he talks about Truth’s recent feud with Drew McIntyre. Truth says life and opportunities is what you make of them. Truth says he’s been disrespected by McIntyre one time too many. Truth says he’s been fighting all his life, and he’s about to give Drew McIntyre what he’s earned.

R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

R-Truth is out first for this next match, rapping and dancing for the crowd. Out next is Drew McIntyre in his WWE pay-per-view debut. Jim Ross notes that Drew was personally signed by Vince McMahon.

The two men lock up. McIntyre takes Truth over with a headlock, but he quickly falls victim to a dropkick from Truth. Truth connects with a big hip toss, but it’s only good for a near fall.

Truth and McIntyre fight in the corner, but back in the middle of the ring, McIntyre gets the advantage, mounting Truth and wailing away at him. McIntyre locks in a modified face lock and the ref asks Truth if he wants to give it up.

Truth and McIntyre collide in the middle of the ring when both men go for cross body blocks at the same time. McIntyre charges Truth, but truth grabs the leg and takes McIntyre down. Truth hits a big scissors kick, which is good for another near fall. Truth tries for the axe kick, but McIntyre dodges it.

Truth and McIntyre collide in the middle of the ring when both men go for cross body blocks at the same time. McIntyre charges Truth, but truth grabs the leg and takes McIntyre down. Truth hits a big scissors kick, which is good for another near fall. Truth tries for the axe kick, but McIntyre dodges it. McIntyre connects with a double underhook DDT, which is enough to put Truth down for the three.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

– Randy Orton is shown with his title and Legacy comes up to him. Ted says that that was a classic match. Cody says that tonight they’ll all have to go out and celebrate their victories. Orton says that this is Hell in a Cell and whether you win or lose, you don’t just walk away. Ted says they know what they’re getting into, they’re younger and hungrier than DX. Cody says Orton is starting to sound like his old man. Orton says they’re cocky, but they have no idea what they’re getting into. Orton says that he’s not Cody’s old man, he’s the WWE Champion, and if he has something to say, Legacy should listen. Ted says Orton shouldn’t underestimate them.

WWE United States Title Triple Threat: Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz vs. Jack Swagger

The Miz is out first for this match. He takes the mic and says he will be United States Champion tonight and cuts a promo ripping on the city of Newark. He asks the mayor to ban him from the city forever. Out next is the other challenger, Jack Swagger, followed by the WWE US Champion Kofi Kingston to a nice pop.

The heels look to gang up on Kingston to start things out, but Kingston fights them both off at the beginning. It’s not long though, before Swagger catches Kofi with a lariat to the back of the head and the heels team up, stomping away at Kingston.

Miz and Swagger connect with a big double suplex, and Miz goes for the pin, breaking down the team dynamic a little bit. Miz and Swagger continue to double teamm Kingston, sending him into the corner with a double Irish whip. Miz and Swagger go for another double team move, but it’s just a trap by the Miz as he wails away on Swagger. Miz begins his assault on both Swagger and Kofi, looking fairly dominant.

Kingston is the first to fight back against Miz, and the two fight on the top rope. Miz tries for a suplerplex, but Swagger gets him in electric chair position and Kingston hits a cross body. Kingston and Swagger fight in the corner, with Swagger getting the upper hand when he hot shots Kingston on the top turnbuckle. Swagger sends Kingston into the Miz and tries for a pin, but Miz breaks it up.

Swagger ties Miz up in a tree of woe, which Miz gets out of just in time to be caught with a back suplex from the second rope. Swagger hits a Vader bomb on Miz, but it’s only good for a near fall. Kingston hits Swagger with a flurry of moves before hitting the boom drop. Miz connects with his finisher on Kingston, but Swagger gets Kingston’s foot on the ropes to break things up. Swagger connects with a lariat on Kofi and a gut wrench powerbomb on Miz. Kingston hits trouble in paradise on Swagger, pins Miz, and gets the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Hell in a Cell Tag Team Match: DX vs. Legacy

The Cell is lowered over the ring and we cut to a video before DX makes their way to the ring first. Nice pop from the crowd. Before DX can make it into the Cell, Legacy attacks them from behind. Ted and Cody begin the beatdown of DX outside the Cell.

HHH clotheslines Ted over the RAW announce table and DX mounts their comeback against Cody Rhodes. Hunter clocks Cody with the monitor and DX hits a double suplex on Rhodes on to the SmackDown announce table (it doesn’t break). Ted is back in the match and he attacks Hunter out of nowhere, throwing him into the crowd.

Ted suplexes Hunter back to the ringside area just as HBK throws Cody into the barricade. Cody and HBK brawl out into the crowd, but it’s not long before HBK back body drops Rhodes back to the ringside area. Rhodes grabs the chain from the door lock and hits Michaels in the knee before running up the ramp and hitting Hunter with the chain. Cody and Ted hit Hunter with a double DDT on the entrance ramp. Rhodes connects with cross Rhodes on Hunter on the ramp and Legacy makes their way back down toward HBK. Ted and Cody double team HBK, slamming his leg in the cell door.

Legacy lock themselves in the cage with Michaels while HHH is still prone at the top of the ramp. The bell rings and this one has officially started. HBK finally realizes that he’s locked in the cage with Legacy. Legacy continue to work over Michaels, hitting a chop block/shoulder block combo. but Michaels will not stay down.

HBK grabs a chair from under the ring and throws it at Cody, but Ted is quick to the rescue, slamming HBK’s head into the cell. Cody slingshots HBK into the Cell, and Triple H has finally made his way down to the Cell. Michaels fights back against Legacy, but only for a second, as the double team advantage is just too much to handle. Hunter tries to find a way in, and HBK sends Ted into Cody, launching Cody into the Cell wall.

Legacy takes Michaels down with a well placed chair shot. Hunter grabs a chair and tries to wail away on the door lock, while Cody powerbombs HBK into the cell wall. Ted then gets HBK in powerbomb position and slams him into the other side of the cage. Hunter looks at HBK and walks up the ramp to the back. Legacy continue to taunt and work over Michaels.

Cody and Ted work over HBK’s back, sending him crashing into the cell wall multiple times. Legacy sends Michaels back into the ring where they stalk HBK. Michaels starts to fight back yet again, catching both Cody and Ted with right hands before Ted takes him down with a lariat. Rhodes stands up HBK with a chair in front of his face and DiBiase hits a big dropkick.

Rhodes and DiBiase lock in the same ring post assisted Figure Four/Million Dollar Dream submission that won them Breaking Point, and Triple H finally makes his way back to the ring with bolt cutters. Hunter is in the cage just as Ted hits the Dream Street. Hunter comes in and immediately begins to clean house on Legacy, connecting with a facebreaker on Ted before throwing Cody into his partner. Hunter hits a spinebuster on Cody and tries for the pedigree, but Dibiase is quick to break it up. HBK is back in it, back body dropping Ted out to the floor.

Hunter grabs the chain from the ref and wraps it around his fist. Michaels holds up Ted and Hunter lays into him with a big right hand. Hunter connects with a Pedigree to DiBiase on the floor and HBK drags Ted out of the Cell. Hunter and HBK make their way back into the cell with the bolt cutters and lock the door behind them. Hunter hits a big spinebuster on Cody. Hunter traps Cody’s neck in a folding chair and Michaels connects with a top rope elbow drop.

Triple H goes under the ring and grabs the sledgehammer while HBK tunes up the band. HBK connects with Sweet Chin Music just as Triple H hits Cody with the sledgehammer. HBK pins Cody and DX gets the win.

Winners: DX

– After the match, the Cell is raised and Ted rushes the ring to check on Cody. Shawn Michaels lays him out with Sweet Chin Music. DX poses over Legacy and does a few crotch chops. Hell in a Cell goes off the air with DX celebrating in the ring.