Site News: Prevent Popping Ads From Showing

I just wanted to give you guys a tip to prevent those ads that pop up on the screen that you have to close.  The “popping” ads probably only occur if you are browsing the site from Internet Explorer.  Do not use Internet Explorer!  Instead, you should browse our site using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Both browsers are excellent and I’m starting to take a liking to Google Chrome.  Believe me when I say this, but when browsing with Google Chrome, you will think that your internet connection just got faster.  The Chrome browser loads pages must faster.  In any event, with Firefox and Chrome, you won’t have to be hassled with “popping” ads.



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  • daniel

    not true – i use firefox and i get those ads on this site about 1 in every 5 threads i read. theyre the bad ones that give you the ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT TO CLOSE THIS WINDOW error box that you cannot escape

  • Vegas Martin

    I’ve never experienced any of these using Firefox and I’m on the site all the time with Firefox. Try Google Chrome, it’s pretty awesome.

  • Kenn (MKK)

    Vegas, I get them on Firefox. I get out of them byu just clicking anywhere else on the page.

  • Phantom Benoit

    I thought you guys were pop-up free since 99?
    Maybe you should change that.

  • Vegas Martin

    It’s not a pop up since it doesn’t up in a new window.

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